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(Archived) Saved Search Counts


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Are there any plans to re-implement saved search counts? I noticed this support was removed somewhere in the 3.x update and it's still not back in 4.x. This feature is very helpful to some, so I was wondering why it was removed.

Thanks for an awesome product. By far the most useful productivity tool I own!


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You mean that you want counts for all saved searches that you have defined? So if I have 40 saved searches, Evernote needs to perform all of those queries?

Yep, just to barge right in, that is certainly what I would mean. Saved search counts were fantastic. I for one am still missing them very badly indeed.

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Jefito:we are in advanced computer age, it is nothing to perform 40 or what ever queries, beside it is done for tags, so why do you see a problem here?

Good question; not sure that I see a problem -- I was just surprised that that was the actual desire. Tags counts may be cached (note that the counts don't change when your search filter changes); I doubt that they run a query per tag on startup.

OTOH, we are always in an advanced computer age, relative to 10 years ago...

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I am on the side of NOT doing this.

I have a medium size database (about 10000 notes) and about 50 Saved Searches. The additional overhead on each note update would be material. The value of the new information provided would be almost nil. In most cases I have the left panel closed.

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I'd like this feature restored too. I use evernote for GTD lists and saved search counts gives a great way to see what's going on in the various categories that I've set up.

I do appreciate speed is a concern for some though.

I suggest an option in preferences to switch it on per client. Best of both worlds

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LOL I remember having a conversation about note counts for searches sometime ago, little did I know that this was a removed feature!

Agreed about performance, but we could easily have an option to switch on/off. This feature could remain Windows specific. When you start to drill down into the individual powers of each client it is surprising what you uncover! The iPhone EN4 client had some uniquely powerful tricks

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