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PDF's in Evernote


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Hey guys.

I am using evernote on my mac and I am really enjoying it.

On Windows, however, my Evernote only displays the first page of a pdf file and I have to open it in an external program or move between pages using the little bar in the top of my document

50% of my time in evernote I read/search in pdf's on a Mac and it's lovely to see the whole pdf directly in Evernote

Any possibility to do this in Windows too?

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When you hover your mouse pointer over a PDF on Windows, a toolbar appears with page navigation controls. You can use that toolbar to navigate to a different page.

Yes. I know that, that's what I meant here: "or move between pages using the little bar in the top of my document"

But for me, that is an annoying solution and I'd love to be able to have the whole document there like on my Mac... I guess it's impossible :/

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Hi there. I have a problem with the pdf toolbar. I can't get it to appear! I am running Evernote on Windows 7 ultimate.

When I hover my mouse pointer over a pdf, I don't get the toolbar appearing at all.

Another problem I am having with PDFs is that I don't get any search results for any words that are in a pdf.

Can someone please tell me how to get the toolbar to appear?

Thanks in advance.

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It would've been nice to have some control over the docs display in a note. Sometimes it is better to just have a short icon of the file, like on an iphone if you've just pasted doc to store it in related note and don't need the content.

Other people need to see a full expanded version (as the author of the post). But I actually find the way it currently works in windows very handy for some cases. Often you need to see just one page of the doc. For example only charts without the text, it is nice when it is the first page of the doc. But it's not always the case. So the best way would be to:


When you hover over pdf file (or other document) you can select one of three views

- Full

- One page (and be able to select which one)

- Compact (only the icon)


And have the same selector for default behaviour in Preferences.


I personally have to archive pdf files to store them in my notes, because they are usually too long.

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