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  1. It would've been nice to have some control over the docs display in a note. Sometimes it is better to just have a short icon of the file, like on an iphone if you've just pasted doc to store it in related note and don't need the content. Other people need to see a full expanded version (as the author of the post). But I actually find the way it currently works in windows very handy for some cases. Often you need to see just one page of the doc. For example only charts without the text, it is nice when it is the first page of the doc. But it's not always the case. So the best way would be to: When you hover over pdf file (or other document) you can select one of three views - Full - One page (and be able to select which one) - Compact (only the icon) And have the same selector for default behaviour in Preferences. I personally have to archive pdf files to store them in my notes, because they are usually too long.
  2. Yes, tick our untick, but without a mouse or a trackpad. Only using keyboard.
  3. Is there a way to tick on/off a checkbox? Or maybe there's html tag that i can paste, that will be converted to checked or unchecked box like [-] [+] Its my main productivity killer right now when it comes to evernote
  4. Hello, I tend to use only keyboard for input, and there's a great built-in shortcut for adding checkboxes. But i havent discivered a way to tick them on and off without mouse or trackpad, so I end up using mac os's special characters. Now i have All the shortcuts i need on my mac, but its not the best solution when it comes to editing my notes on an ipad for example Any suggestions?
  5. Hello, Is there a way to disable those three bars at the top of the note window? The one with notes title and share button, the second one with tags and the last one, text editing bar. I have keyboard shortcuts to everything i need, and those buttons and textfields are distracting. Thank you P.S. Even post editor on this forum has such a button ) P.S.S. The Image i've attached was and illustration of expected result, i don't think it was a spam.
  6. As simple as that. I have "Conflicting Changes xxx date" folder. But how to resolve the conflict? Is there a way to compare differences side by side? The only way I know now is to delete conflict note. But I can't see the conflict itself. Version 1.11.0 (99371) Mac OS 10.6.5
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