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(Archived) Major Gripe: Loss of search explanation



First - the following was written after considering and playing with version 3 since the day it arrived. My words are calculated and not from a moment of rage and firing off a note.

Before the search explanation was replaced with the favorites bar, I thought the search features were minimalistic at best. As I recall there was no way to modify an existing search, which seemed silly, as needs change. The search explanation at least gave you a starting point for a new, modified version and you knew what you were searching for without having to guess.

The removal of any facility to see your saved search parameters is ludicrous. Whatever committee thought that removing it was a good idea screwed the pooch. I say committee because one person surely would have been told to be quiet when asking "Let's remove a useful feature." Compromise seems a more likely culprit.

Overall I'm pleased with the new setup. Even the monochrome icons are growing on me. But the search function is SO powerful and so COMPLETELY under supported. Why should someone have to learn how to type the proper search syntax? Nearly any email program you can name has a rules-based function with operators in drop-down boxes. Create a condition, add another. Fine tune and modify as-needed.

I truly live and die by Evernote.Without it I wouldn't know why I needed to be somewhere or find my client's notes. However....

The search feature is bargain basement and stone age. It's like putting a crank-starter on a Mercedes. Nice car, but why do such a thing when the technology past that eons ago?

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I'd like to say the same thing, but maybe a little politer!

But yes, not knowing what the search is, is absolutely crazy. It's fine on the day I create the search, but several days later when using the search it is essential to be able to see what the search parameters are.

As for editing a search, yes, that would be really cool. But I could live with it if I could see the existing saved searches.

Finally, your web application I think addresses exactly what the previous poster has suggested. It makes searching really easy. But we need this on the local client as well.



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