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  1. Second year doing NaNo, and I've been going back and forth on this. On the one hand, I really want to use Evernote for the writing. I've been clipping ideas & making notes (all tagged with .2011NaNoWriMo, since . is my indicator of a big project), so I'd love ot od the writing in Evernote as well. But ... I like to write each scene as an individual piece, meaning that in order to present the "whole" to my reading group, I'll have to copy over to Google Docs. (yes, I could share the notebook, but then I have to worry about the order, plus Google Docs makes comments/collaboration easier). More importantly, I like to make a quick outline, then grab a chapter & make a few notes about what'll happen for that chapter, then a few more notes bout individual scenes, then start writing the scenes. Then I like to see the scenes and/or synopses all lined up together. That's a lot of putting links into a master document after the fact and/or a lot of hacking the dates in order to get my notes to display in the order that I want them to. Again, doable, but not necessarily worth the effort. I LOVE Evernote for collecting. I haven't done as much outlining/character building as I'd like, but I've been clipping a lot & tagging for NaNo in Evernote. I'd love to do the writing here because I really want to us a cloud solution (for reference, Google Docs has enough issues with writing separate scenes and then combining them into a coherent whole that I won't be working there, just copy/pasting in), I'm just not sure if the extra effort is worth it. Plus, I'm not really travelling much, so I don't *need* the cloud solution. I may go back to Scrivener on the Mac, referring to Evernote clippings, and occassionally making notes in EN & copying into Scrivener if I'm out somewhere & get writing time on the phone and/or pad.
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