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  1. What about notebook? And I guess two related questions: 1 - Where can I find a summary of keyboard shortcuts? (since there's no obvious entry in Help) 2 - Why not put these in the tab order so that tabbing & shift-tabbing work? That's how I tend to navigate since otherwise I have to memorize keyboard shortcuts on an app I don't use all that often because I'm usually on my phone. Maybe my problem isn't missing functionality but just missing usability ... but I hope it's still fixable.
  2. In the search bar there's an "Add Search Option" at the bottom, which will let you select the parameters rather than typing them ... does that do it?
  3. Is there really no keyboard support for navigating between selecting notebooks/tags and the note title? And if not, please consider this a feature request to include that keyboard support, because .... yeah ... it's like useful and things.
  4. You can do a search to narrow down notebook & tag. There's a blog post here. More detail on the search syntax is here. In order to get Notebook: X and Tag: Y, you'd use the syntax: notebook:X tag:Y A few notes: No spaces after the colons (you'll just start searching for "X" and "Y"). This is case-sensitive (again, from what I can tell if the notebook or tag doesn't exist, EN will just start searching for the notebook or tag name). (You can exclude tags with -tag:Z, but can't do the same with Notebooks). You can also create a saved search: Edit > Find > Saved Search that'll then show up if you click in the search bar.
  5. I have no input beyond the fact that I use tags a lot more than search for finding things. But I'm also really intrigued that it looks like this is an occasional annoyance for English speakers and a bigger issue for Germans. Really glad I don't have to do product management for a product with so many clients AND so many languages In my former life "internationalization" meant "coming up with French translations for our Canadian product" ... Anyway - ENUser2000, good luck. Maybe tags? But mostly just wanted to say that I find it fascinating to see why this problem cropped up.
  6. When I've selected a note, choosing Note - Copy to Notebook (which, as far as I know is the only way to "copy" a note), leaves me in the original note, without creating the copy. This seems ... wrong. Presumably if I'm making a copy, I want to work on the copy. At least, the most common reason I've heard for using Copy to Notebook is to have a "Master Template", and then keep using that. I wouldn't want ot edit my master template after copying it, I'd want to edit the copy. Please tell me that either - 1 - I'm missing another "Copy" option that will not make me go FIND the copy I just made in order to work on it ... or 2 - This is a design miss that will be corrected in a future version. (Obviously, #1 would hopefully come from a forum member, #2 would have to come from an EN employee. I realize that they're generally ... hesitant ... to indicate future functionality. So if one of you wants to just file this away as a feature request, that works for me). Seriously, users ... am I missing something? Is this not a pain? Are people just not using this option? Is there another "Copy" option (other than copy the text, new note, paste the text) that I'm unaware of? I'm really hoping that someone will point out something that makes me look like an idiot.
  7. If I'm in one notebook & click "New Note", I'm moved back to just my default notebook. (So essentially a search for that notebook) ... doesn't track what notebook I'm in, etc. Obviously when I create a new note, it's created in the default notebook without any tags, so it wouldn't be in the view if I'd done a search for a set of tags, text, dates, etc ... My request would be - stick it in the view anyway. Or at least let me get back to the search & note I was on before I clicked New Note. I hope that makes sense. I don't think I would want the characteristics of my search/filter to be applied to my "New Note" (I can see times when I could ... but overall that seems complicated to design & probably cumbersome in practice) ... I'm happy with a new note with no text or tags in the default notebook ... I just want to be able to create & edit that note without losing the search and/or view I was already in. Interestingly "Note - Copy Note to Notebook X" doesn't revert the search/view in any way. It just creates a new note without actually putting you in the new note that was just created. Which is actually worse. I'll start a separate thread for that.
  8. Submitted a ticket to support, and eventually heard back that this is working as designed. Thought I'd bring it up here in order to increase visibility. New note on the Mac automatically reverts your view/search I the default notebook. So if you had an ad hoc search going and wanted to make a quick note based on what you'd found ... Gone. Had a particular note selected that you were reviewing? Gone. I don't have access to a PC and can't easily get to the web from my phone, do I'm not sure if this is consistent with other platforms or not. General Request - don't lose the existing search and/or selection when adding a new note. My personal prefetch would probably be to just put the note in the view even though it's not part of the search syntax and not refresh until I'm "done" with the note. If also be OK with a "back" option that went back to the last search and selected note ... There are a number of ways to skin the cat, I'd just prefer not to lose my filters/selections so much.
  9. Yes. Totally this. I'd love to brainstorm with Evernote. Make a list, then make sub lists based on the main list. So make note A. Then make note B, which is a subset of note A. Except, I'd like to just highlight a piece of Note A & say "make a new note with this linking to it" ... instead of having to make note B, copy Note link, go back to note A & paste it in ... when I'll have it use the text of note B anyway ... Also, and this just took the cake for me ... when I make note B & copy Note link, EN for Mac prompts me to sync, because you can't make a note link with an unsynced note (fine ... I guess), BUT THEN IT DIDN'T COPY THE NOTE LINK. <rant> srsly? So when I tell your app I want to copy note link, you'll tell me I have to sync, but you won't copy the note link OR tell me I have to do the action again? Eat your own dog food Evernote. Please. Just once, use one of your features. The capabilities are AMAZING, the details not so much. </rant> Or just make a more intuitive way to turn an existing piece of text into a new note that's linked.
  10. Second year doing NaNo, and I've been going back and forth on this. On the one hand, I really want to use Evernote for the writing. I've been clipping ideas & making notes (all tagged with .2011NaNoWriMo, since . is my indicator of a big project), so I'd love ot od the writing in Evernote as well. But ... I like to write each scene as an individual piece, meaning that in order to present the "whole" to my reading group, I'll have to copy over to Google Docs. (yes, I could share the notebook, but then I have to worry about the order, plus Google Docs makes comments/collaboration easier). More importantly, I like to make a quick outline, then grab a chapter & make a few notes about what'll happen for that chapter, then a few more notes bout individual scenes, then start writing the scenes. Then I like to see the scenes and/or synopses all lined up together. That's a lot of putting links into a master document after the fact and/or a lot of hacking the dates in order to get my notes to display in the order that I want them to. Again, doable, but not necessarily worth the effort. I LOVE Evernote for collecting. I haven't done as much outlining/character building as I'd like, but I've been clipping a lot & tagging for NaNo in Evernote. I'd love to do the writing here because I really want to us a cloud solution (for reference, Google Docs has enough issues with writing separate scenes and then combining them into a coherent whole that I won't be working there, just copy/pasting in), I'm just not sure if the extra effort is worth it. Plus, I'm not really travelling much, so I don't *need* the cloud solution. I may go back to Scrivener on the Mac, referring to Evernote clippings, and occassionally making notes in EN & copying into Scrivener if I'm out somewhere & get writing time on the phone and/or pad.
  11. Another option is to use the web client which does show the syntax. I find myself switching between EN clients depending on what I'm trying to do.
  12. Owyn - thanks, I had looked at View Options > List, but didn't actually bother clicking a note. Hate the idea that (at least when doing the weekly review) Web App is superior to Desktop client ... but for what I need / am doing ... Web App appears to be superior to Desktop Client ... Thanks!
  13. Thanks Metrodon - I hadn't realized this & it does help (may have to see if there's a similar option for Windows) ... now if only the Mac Client showed me what the syntax of my saved search actually was ...
  14. What I'd really like to be able to do is see a list of notes, all of my saved searches, and the couple of tags that I keep on top, so that I can quickly flip between those things. A plus would be to be able to do an ad hoc search & save it from the same platform. On Mac, I can resize the "Tags" section on the left, so that this is easily accomplished, but on Mac I can't see what my saved searches are actually searching for ... as I'm reviewing some of the searches & revising as I use Evernote more, this is a deal breaker. On Windows, I can't resize the "Tags" section ... just minimize or show fully. But at least I can see the syntax of a saved search ... so this is what I'll be using for now. On Web, I can't even see saved searches, plus I can't get the "list on top, note on the bottom" look I really want. On iPad, no saving searches or multiple views. Not that I'd really expect it here, but for a review that flips between a few options, the Pad is so limited as to be unusable. Note that what I would expect is that I'd have the same experience AT LEAST on the two desktop clients & probably also a very similar experience on the web. The inconsistency between clients is a huge knock against EN as far as I'm concerned. But for now, I'd simply settle for being able to view a couple tags, my saved searches, the actual syntax of the saved search, and a list of items with the abiliy to jump into a note to edit it. A Frankenstein of the Mac & Windows platforms, essentially.
  15. Just wanted to chime in to back this up - of course I need to see what my Saved Searches are. Bring back so that I don't use Evernote for Web on my Mac, please.
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