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  1. Even Apple doesn't handle this perfectly in their own environment. But I have found a cludgy workaround: Open a Text Editor Document and make sure it is Rich Text format. Drag the mail item from mail to the Text Editor document Now you have your link! Copy that link in Text Editor and paste into your Evernote note!Evernote doesn't allow for a shortened name of the link... you get the whole link. But it is at least clickable. Nic.
  2. Sorry guys... I can't believe you've seriously done this. Is the app fast? Yes... actually, from a technical implementation perspective it rocks. But from a USER INTERFACE perspective, I am - as they say in the North of England - Gobsmacked! It is simply terrible. I'll just give a few pointers... the rest you surely will get (or maybe you need to go out and hire some user interaction experts... study how your users use Evernote. It's the Web interface. Full screen. I'm probably using a computer. In today's day and age I'm probably using my own computer. So, why would I use a web interface anyway?Oh yes... that's because I want to look up something when I'm NOT on my own computer. So what do you do? give me a blank new note.If I do want to create a note, then - just like I'm typing in this forum - then when I want bullets or any other formatting, I don't want to move my mouse to some unobvious on the RH side... and then wait while it unfolds to give me the options. This is even MORE important on the web... because the shortcuts (if there are any) are certainly not the same as on my Mac.Name me a typing app that has the toolbar on the RH side. Name me an Evernote client (apart from this Beta of course) that has the toolbar on the RH side. Oh... and a tool bar that requires several movements to get what one wants.Finally, the same goes for the LH side. Leave me my shortcuts. Or leave me my notebooks if that's what I choose. I won't go further. But please... think about how we use Evernote... not how it looks cool (not that I don't like cool... but never at the expense of functionality).
  3. Hi, Does anyone know the difference between the "Skitch PDF" export and option and simply the "PDF" export option. Just curious as to why they would have two different PDF options. I did search, but naturally Evernote don't provide any detailed help... just a getting started guide that naturally doesn't include all options. Thanks in advance, Nic.
  4. One last comment for today. Not strictly a beta issue, but since there is good developer interaction in this forum topic: In full-screen view, I cannot find a way to change the sort order of notes. I have to go back to normal view, change the sort, and then back to full-screen view. Also, just to reiterate my comment above, there is a bug in full-screen view: when sorting by "created" date, the date displayed in the snippet is the "updated" date and not the "created" date… contrary to how it works in normal combined view. Thanks, Nic.
  5. I had become so used to using the date on the note itself, I may have forgotten this, but there a few issues: The earlier comment on the colour is key. While the date is clear if a note is not selected, it is next to unreadable when selected. Although Full-screen view, I understand, is not popular with all, when sorting notes by created date, the blue date snippet actually shows "updated" date… contrary to how it works in normal view. Although one might think a user "should" know, the date changes based on the sort, and there is no indication as to what that date is. And as an update to an earlier comment I made: I do often change the created date. So, having the date field easily accessible is very helpful (one way round might be to have a shortcut key to the info box). Although I have to say the current "released" version's drop-down date calendar really didn't work well (although I did like being able to see the calendar… not so much to chose [i like the beta text entry] but to be able to check for which day of the week a date falls on). Nic.
  6. "Created" date is the critical date. I have found that even if I accidentally enter the note without actually "editing" it, the updated date changes, so it has never proved that useful for me. But I use "Created" date constantly. I, personally, at least with my current work (I work freelance, and my workflows often change) do NOT tend to update or add to notes that often. I use Evernote primarily for storing information, but I also clip a number of items that become actions (and I file them in appropriate notebooks). The created date is therefore extremely useful in knowing when I created the action. I've mentioned earlier that, with the absence of a custom date field (and I realise this is a big change, not just a Mac UI issue), for some notebooks I actually change the "created" date to a "deadline" date. It's actually rather cool that you allow me to change the "created date" and ever more cool that it can be in the future. This has proven to be a really really helpful feature. I think I've answered this in point 3 above. I have some notes that are in fact actions. If its a one-off action in a notebook, I will add it to my To-Do list with a link to the Evernote note (I use The Hit List). But I also have some notebooks that are full of actions. For these, I already know it is something I have to check frequently, so I don't waste time creating actions in my To-Do list… And that is where the date field comes in. I either use created date as a key-reference, so I understand the relevancy of the note, or I change the "created date" to a future date to give me a deadline. [*]In my case, they will always be clippings. Evernote is not my To-Do productivity tool, but rather a reference tool. So notes I create and write myself are rarely critical for the date. But those I clip or reference to PDFs or other documents are key. I hope this helps, and I appreciate your interaction and willingness to listen. Nic.
  7. dlu, I apologise if I sounded patronising, it was not my intention to do so. In fact, this feels like the most interaction I have ever had with an Evernote employee, and I'd like you to know how much I appreciate it. I will compile a list over the next few days of what I called "usability" issues, and come back to you. Maybe usability was a strong word, and I was maybe influenced by an earlier poster who talked about "intuitiveness." But once again, I'm sorry if I offended you. Regards, Nic.
  8. i try my very best to be positive when providing feedback, but I have to be honest and say that Evernote continues to frustrate me in terms of usability, and this new beta simply reinforces my frustration. I still use Evernote daily because its overall architecture of managing notes, powerful search, multiple platforms, etc. are unparalleled, but boy, is it hard to use at times! I too have the problem with the "fugly" buttons. Date, date, date, date. I'm sure this will be contentious as some users' workflows will have no use for a date. But I am quite certain that many many users will have workflows where the date of a note is critical. In fact, I even change the date created in some notebooks to future dates, just to get a view of date oriented notes. (as an aside, a custom date field in the future would just be wonderful). So, please, please, can we have the date back in the main view. Also, while I really like the intuitive way of entering dates now (the old drop down box was horrendous), when displaying them, I don't need to have such detailed text dates. In fact, I wouldn't mind the box staying the same (subject to transparency issues - see below) for date entry, but at least trying to find a way to display them on the main view. I concur with other users on the greyness of the title. The bullet / number list issue I am sure will be fixed… it is a defacto Apple standard and indeed with Microsoft Office in Windows as well. Who wouldn't like the improvement of checkboxes? - I can't believe it's taken so long, thank you! Although I think there are valid comments above on how they work within lists, although that has not affected me yet. Talking about real estate (and the dates, for example), why bother showing the formatting bar if I don't enter the note to edit? if I click in the note, then show me the bar, but when I'm just browsing, please don't! The transparency of the info box is an issue. Transparency, which is becoming a design norm, is not always bad, but it depends on several other factors such as colour, usage, data underneath, and whether the covered item (often text in my Evernote) is blurred or not. In this case, the greys and clarity of the underling text simply does not work. These are notes from just five minutes of using the beta… I'll come back with more. But please, while I, overall, like the new design… the key to any UI has to be the first letter… User, as in usability. So, while I appreciate the hard work and ideas you guys come up with, please can a real Usability expert also sit in on the design discussions. Thanks, Nic.
  9. I'd like to say the same thing, but maybe a little politer! But yes, not knowing what the search is, is absolutely crazy. It's fine on the day I create the search, but several days later when using the search it is essential to be able to see what the search parameters are. As for editing a search, yes, that would be really cool. But I could live with it if I could see the existing saved searches. Finally, your web application I think addresses exactly what the previous poster has suggested. It makes searching really easy. But we need this on the local client as well. Please! Nic.
  10. Guess I made a mistake: - The quality of the remote clipping on FireFox is HORRIBLE (as well as the local clip) - But for some sites (not all), the quality with the Safari Beta and the Google Chrome extensions are flawless (both remote only at the moment). - Also, I should add the the Safari extension seems to work much much quicker. Even though I still have to wait after clicking the icon for your drop-down box to "connect / sync" it is just about bearable in Safari… while in FF & GC I'm not sure I could even use them. So, please keep the focus on this as well. - It also seems that Safari beta processes the clipping quicker as well. P.S. I am an absolute Safari user. GC & FF are just there as backups and because I'm a little geekish sometimes!
  11. Dear Evernote, I can't say I love the new extension, but it does work better than the Google Chrome and for that matter (sometimes at work) with IE. A few comments: - Please bring back local clipping as well. You have this in FireFox, so I am taking a guess you are going to do it. Please? - But if you do, please, please, don't make it an either or in settings… and also can the have the clip article options as well on the actual drop-down clipping windows. 90% of the time I will use local clipping, but there are times I like to use the remote clipping service - I love the badged on the icon (even clearer than FF & GC), but I am assuming you will also do a notification as well (Growl?) - Quality of clipping is key. I use an AppleScript I wrote which lamely (but every effectively I might say) uses key strokes to select all, copy, and then use the evernote helper app to paste in as a new note. I get, usually, much better results this way. - However, I must say the quality of clipping is increasing. I am taking a guess that the service the clip goes to back at Evernote is common for all web clippers on all browsers and all platforms, so I'm hoping there is enough will to make this work. - You should remember that the old Safari extension had the BEST clipping quality of ALL your extensions on ALL browsers (although admittedly it was local). Maybe the clipping service remotely will never be 100%, but I'm sure you can emulate the same old quality with local clipping. BTW, local clipping on FireFox is rubbish. Sorry to say, but it really is. You're going in the right direction. Yes, I'm tired of complaining and thinking that your development process is slow, that you don't interact enough with us, but overall, Evernote is a great service, and we are getting there. Thanks, Nic.
  12. For what it's worth, I don't have this problem. Evernote Version 3.0.0 (169177) and Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1
  13. Dear Evernote! I really love Evernote… and especially on the Mac, both because the app seems better and the Safari extension was WAY WAY superior. The comment from one of your support people above about it beings Apple who took it away from us shows a total lack of respect and disregard for your customers. I respect your choice to wait for a Gold Master, even though the majority of application providers have all had Lion (including Safari) updates available before yesterday. What has really upset me is not that it is not available today… but the attitude shown on this forum. I am glad to see subsequent postings stating you are working on an extension, but the first comment still reveals a culture inside Evernote that doesn't seem particularly customer focussed. I read yesterday that while Mac OS X might still only have around 10% of the PC market share (15% in the US), it is growing at 14% while PC Windows platforms are only growing at 2-4%. Oh, and in the US, Apple business sales increased at 65% and government sales at a staggering 500%+ So, while we are still in a minority, clearly this is an important platform. So, your choice to delay development and work in what seems to me to be the usual reactive mode doesn't seem to be a smart business choice at all. I look forward to the new extension. I hope (nay, I expect) that it will replicate the current functionality and Safari snippets will go directly into the local database. Regards, Nic. P.S. Safari 5.1 is available on the Snow Leopard platform as well… so this is NOT just a LION issue!
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