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(Archived) Clip to local storage?



I think the English language has a deficiency of words to describe just how awful the present incarnation of the Safari web clipper is (and for that matter clippers for other browsers).

Dreadful, horrendous, egregious, dire, abominable, atrocious, terrible, nasty, foul, cruddy etc. go someway to describing it but don't really express the full loathing I have for it.

Can we not get back the system of instant clipping of web pages to the local desktop version of Evernote, for later syncing?

I'm on the point of scrapping my premium account and going back to a Yep/Dropbox combination. At least that doesn't give me the screaming heeby-jeebies each time I use it.

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Well, actually, I'd side with the drama queen in enlisting all those adjectives X2! It really is THAT HORRIBLE!

The other thing that baffles me -- and if anyone can clarify, please do -- is how we are supposed to set the URL. Previously, we were able to clip from Safari to Evernote, and the url would automatically set, seamlessly, so you could easily reference back to the original web page you had clipped from. NOW, in its current horrific incarnation, Evernote requires us to "Click to set URL," and then a box opens that reads "Enter the note's source URL." So that now you have to 1) move the Evernote window you just clipped to out of the way, then 2) go to the source internet page, then 3) click on the URL address bar, then 4) cut and copy the URL address, then 5) locate the Evernote window again, then 6) click on the "Enter the note's source URL," 7) then paste. Voila! SIX STEPS LATER...you're done...phew!

What we ALL WANT TO KNOW is: HOW LONG WILL WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR A WORKABLE EVERNOTE TO USE FOR OUR NEW OSX AND SAFARI? Otherwise, we need to migrate to another organizer simply because using Evernote is all the frustrating adjectives the drama queen unfurled, and then some.

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This has been discussed on here plenty of times, Evernote have said that a new clipper is coming.

And Evernote never provide release notes. Given the size of the tragedy/calamity/disaster/cataclysm I think it is fair to say that it will be very 'soon'.

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