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  1. When I opened Evernote on the web (I don't use web view a lot) a banner invited me to try a new look. Foolishly, I clicked it and now have a look that I detest. Is it possible to revert to what I had before?
  2. This release is an unmitigated disaster as far as I am concerned. Notes are taking around 3 minutes to appear (per note - not all of them!!!). I used to love Evernote but the recent design changes and this latest problem are now pushing me towards Devonthink.
  3. I think the English language has a deficiency of words to describe just how awful the present incarnation of the Safari web clipper is (and for that matter clippers for other browsers). Dreadful, horrendous, egregious, dire, abominable, atrocious, terrible, nasty, foul, cruddy etc. go someway to describing it but don't really express the full loathing I have for it. Can we not get back the system of instant clipping of web pages to the local desktop version of Evernote, for later syncing? I'm on the point of scrapping my premium account and going back to a Yep/Dropbox combination. At least that doesn't give me the screaming heeby-jeebies each time I use it.
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