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(Archived) Firefox 5 web clipper won't save to desktop app



I'm running Firefox 5.0.1 and EN for Mac 2.2.3 on Lion, but the problem predates my switch from Snow Leopard. Ever since the upgrade to FF 5, the webclipper extension has only worked to clip to EN for the web, not directly to the desktop app. This requires me to sign in to the web version (a hassle, since Lastpass autofill doesn't work on the popup) and is considerably slower than saving directly to the desktop. This was a problem when we moved from (I think) FF 3.X to FF4, but it was resolved relatively quickly - this has been more than a month. I tried another poster's suggestion of deleting all EN-extension-related files & folders from my FF profile in Library/Application Support and reinstalling the webclipper extension, but that didn't resolve it. The extension preferences won't let me click the "Send clips to Evernote for your desktop" option, asking instead that I download the latest version of EN, which I'm already running.

Any ideas?

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A working web clipper for Firefox 5 that clips to the desktop app has been promised for more than 6 weeks and Evernote still has not delivered. Yesterday Mozilla released Firefox 6 and now the web clipper does not work at all. Glad I'm paying $45 per year for an increasingly ineffective tool.

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In the meantime, use Chrome with its very good clipper. (I know, I know -- it doesn't have absolutely everything, but still...)

swapping to a complete new application, just because another application has one (or more) bug(s), would'nt be a timesaver.

also, i like my firefox :) and i like EN. so lets wait (again) (and again) (and again) ...

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The tool is useless without the service, so to me it's a tool.

I haven't tried FF6, but Chrome is faster on Mac (for me) than FF5. It lacks a few of the add-ins, though. I didn't find the curve too hard

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