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  1. One was text only I typed into the iPad, two others were web clips, but there was no special content visible. I deleted and rebuilt them and all seems well now.
  2. Thanks for the “sync now” reminder. That helped, but three of the notes never did sync..I copied them over via Notes and deleted them, but two new ones i created in the iPhone have synched but still show as unsynched on the iPad. I’ve been an EN user since 2006 so I remember well what a hash updates used to be. Recent years have been pretty smooth but the jury is still out on the new management.
  3. I created a series of a dozen notes this afternoon on my iPad Pro 11"(2018, iOS 14.6). Most of them synched normally but the final four hung on the iPad for three hours. In fact, the sync symbol still shows on the iPad even though three of them appeared on my Mac about 15 minutes ago. Is there some way I can avoid this? I should note that I'm using Legacy on the Mac. The new EN 10 is just too slow for words.
  4. This is an absolutely critical feature. Lack of the persistent helper is one of the reasons I am still using Legacy (that and the general lack of speed of EN 10 on the Mac).
  5. Macbook Pro, HIgh Sierra 10.13.6, Evernote 7.2. I scan a document (in this case, a small receipt) to PDF using Scansnap. It transfers directly into Evernote. Sync indicator shows sync is complete. However, when I click on the snippet and it takes 10-15 seconds of constant wheelie activity before the document appears. It's acting as though the file acquisition time in my computer is slow, but it's a not-nearly-full flash drive, so that shouldn't be the case and the symptom doesn't occur anywhere else. Is there a setting I can change to get rid of this? Is it a known problem? (I recognize that I have 35,000 or so notes, but I understand EN is capable of handling data stores much larger than that.)
  6. For me, the most effective sort is date created, although from time to time I switch it to date sorted. Either will work for a small database like yours or a much larger database.
  7. Under Chrome for Mac, you can set the Web Clipper to save every clipping to a specific notebook (I use Inbox). On each clipping you can specify the tags to apply (I use To.Read for the sort of clipping you mention). It works well, although there are times the clipper can't find all the notebooks, should I want to specify something other than Inbox. You can also create a saved search to call up everything you saved "yesterday" and use it the next morning to review the day's work.
  8. I had the same problem with both the iPhone (7Plus) and iPad (pro). Restarting the iPhone seems to have resolved the problem, but I had to remove the app and re-install it on the iPad Pro. (Years ago that was Evernote's default suggestion for resolving problems, and the re-download was painful given the low processor speeds and internet speeds available then. This time the re-download went quickly.) I use EN Premium.
  9. I’m doing more and more of my work in Penultimate, but in the last few days i’ve noticed that new Penultimate notes frequently refuse to open on my iPad Pro after their first sync and eventually time out. Is there a cause and/or cure? iOS 11, iPad Pro 9”
  10. I am having this problem when I try to clip from Chrome on my iPad Pro (iOS 11) but if i copy the URL and paste it into Safari, the site saves perfectly and very quickly. It looks like an iOS 11 problem, because both Chrome and Safari work on my iPhone 7+
  11. I'm running this version without difficulty. You might try it. Version 6.12.1 Beta 1 (455452 Direct) There was a time when I didn't dare run EN betas but in recent years they've been very stable.
  12. I just tried dragging an xlsx file into the dock icon of Version 6.12 beta 3 Mac and it worked perfectly, including showing a preview of all four sheets in the workbook. Is this what you're trying to do?
  13. I have the same problem, very rarely, and normally on the left margin of the page (within an inch of the edge). I sometimes have to skip writing to that space. I hope it will be corrected one day but it's a small annoyance. General, Penultimate works better than any similar app I've tried.
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