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  1. Beginning last week (I believe with 6.9) numbered lists was broken in the Mac desktop version. It appears correctly on the web and on the iOS version, but numbered items are shifted out-of-order now on the Mac. This is a really serious issue that makes using EN with lists on the desktop (my primary method) unusable. Correct Example (before 6.9 and OK on the web/iOS): ---------- Lizanne Padula 1 Annette Messitt Patrick Hinds Lisa Todhunter Lizanne Padula 2 Ted Barr Bradley Lytle Teria Lytle Jason Lantz Jason Lantz Paul Hanson Brian Sullivan Cassidy Bernardo Lucas Bernardo ... ----------- Now as it appears in Mac EN 6.9/6.10x: ---------- Annette Messitt Patrick Hinds Lisa Todhunter Lizanne Padula 1 Lizanne Padula 2 Bradley Lytle Teria Lytle Ted Barr Jason Lantz Paul Hanson Brian Sullivan Cassidy Bernardo Lucas Bernardo Jason Lantz Gayle Brandon-Behrend 1 .... ----------
  2. I'm afraid you HAVE NOT "pulled the beta" as I was just prompted this evening to install while working in Evernote. I clicked as I always do and installed. Now I'm apparently hosed with a night's work to do and no Evernote to do it with. Thanks.
  3. Any word on a resolution for this numbering problem?
  4. If either Jackolicious or Adjusting will send me your email address, I am happy to put the note in a shared notebook for you to examine or send you the shared URL. Either way, I very much appreciate you diving into this. My email address is greg@consulatio.com. Thanks.
  5. Running the latest version of EN 5.07 on all machines. Numbered lists do not properly synchronize. For example, if you create a numbered list like this on one machine: 1. Topic 1. subtopic 2. subtopic 2. Topic 1. subtopic 2. subtopic it is fine on the originating note but when synchronized, it appears like this on the other machines: 1. Topic 1. subtopic 2. subtopic 3. Topic 1. subtopic 2. subtopic Multiple lines are misnumbered in the list. The misnumbering shows on other Macs as well as Evernote Web, iPhone and iPad. Any ETA on a fix for numbering (which has other problems as well)?
  6. Bulleted and numbered lists now appear to work differently in the new UI. In prior versions, using the Enter key on an empty or blank bullet/number in the list exited the list so you could continue typing regular text. This was a very fast way of using lists. Using an Enter key on a blank bullet or number now removes the bullet/number and moves the cursor to the end of the previous item in the list. The only way to exit the list is to use the mouse and click below the list. The previous version seems to me to be more intuitive and matched how lists behave in other products such as Word, Mail, etc.
  7. A working web clipper for Firefox 5 that clips to the desktop app has been promised for more than 6 weeks and Evernote still has not delivered. Yesterday Mozilla released Firefox 6 and now the web clipper does not work at all. Glad I'm paying $45 per year for an increasingly ineffective tool.
  8. Ditto. Installed 2.0 beta on my iMac and organized notebooks into stacks (wonderful tool -- thanks!). Updated my MacBook this morning and stacks don't show at all. Both machines running 10.6.4.
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