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subject field - what is it


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You can sort notes by lots of different items. One of which, is subject. What is the "subject" field and how do you enter the data? I've noticed that some subjects are equal to the date created field. Most subject fields are blank.

Would someone please explain what this field contains and how it is populated and it's purpose.



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Hi - the subject field is actually optional; It's possible to tag notes, sort them into different notebooks, and search on content: so who needs more information on the content? On the other hand a detailed subject heading means that when you do a search, your notes come up with meaningful titles that help you choose the right note for your purpose. You could include dates, explanations - "bank letter re house loan" - or just leave it blank.

To get into the subject line, just look at the screen when you create a new note, or edit an existing one. There should be a field to enter/ change the information.

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The "Subject" field that you mention is a date field that is currently not implemented, but I think may become the long-awaited "Due date". As far as I know, there's no way to modify it in the UI, though you can sort on it; I have maybe 20 notes with this set, mainly from late 2008/ early 2009

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It seems to fill it in for received emails with date received on mine......

Yeah. I checked the API and the only reference to a "Subject" attribute is:

subjectDate:[datetime] - matches notes with a subjectDate attribute that is equal to or later than the argument datetime.
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There's several posts on the topic (see these search results -- http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/search.php?keywords=subject+field&terms=all&author=engberg&sc=1&sf=all&sr=posts&sk=t&sd=d&st=0&ch=300&t=0&submit=Search):

The couple that I was thinking of, but didn't have time to track down earlier are:



I searched for "subject field", author "engberg"; "subject date" would probably work, too.

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3 years later...


I don't think this functionality has been fixed or implemented correctly, yet. 


I just unveiled the subject column in my notes and would like to use it, but can't edit it in any way. This is a shame becuase it would definitely help me keep my notes more organized. 


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I'd still like to see this implemented as an editable field. I'm a prolific tagger, and the use case that would be great is to have a "meta" tag that I can view across tags/notebooks for a specific topic ("subject")... Is this a dead feature?

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