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  1. I have created a simple monthly diary in standard EN tables, I find it works very well. Every few months or so I extend it by adding months on the bottom (copy/paste from standard). Nothing with fancy appointment reminders but it does for my simple needs.
  2. I do this frequently on importing some files using import folder. I do it by the rather blunt method of setting the Windows system date before import and then re-setting it. Simples (or stupid?)
  3. Hi Xdelpalnque - I think Jelly Bean (and myself..) would like to know if we can download the fully released app from anywhere except Android Market. I have installed the Beta sucesfully on my tablet but cannot go through the Market to get the released/checked version. I would normally prefer to use only released versions if possible, Many thank, Robin
  4. I upgraded to Premium soley for this reason - I never get near the upload limit. However I will continue with my subscription because "you're worth it" - Every penny of it - Thanks!
  5. I have a couple of note books where note order is important and I just manually modify the "Created Date" as required. Works well for me, but there are a couple of other fields available (Author maybe?)
  6. It seems to fill it in for received emails with date received on mine......
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