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(Archived) How are Word and Excel docs shown in a note?

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If you pay for Evernote Premium to get the ability to place Microsoft Excel and Word documents in a note, does the note actually display the contents of the Excel spreadsheet or Word Doc? Or does it just have a shortcut to the document file on hard disk (.xlsx or .docx) so that if you click on the shortcut, the native Excel or Word programs open and display the document?

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When you drag a file into Evernote it is then stored in Evernote - it is displayed as an icon with the file name.

If you are on a Mac you can Quick Look this file or you can open it with another application. When you save the doc, the Evernote copy is updated.

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..but you can always use the title, tags or an included snippet from the actual file to uniquely identify the content for future searches.

That's what I do. IMO & IME, I don't need to be able to search on every word in every note. In fact, sometimes, that produces so many notes that you need to refine the search. I find using accurate titles & "keywords" very helpful.

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