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  1. Thanks for the tip. I will move them instead of copying. Update: Actually, I wanted to edit the notes after putting them in the trip notebook to delete information within each note that isn't pertinent to this particular trip. But I want to keep all the information in the original notes. If I create blank new notes in the Trip notebook and then copy the "contents" from the original note to the blank trip note, would that causes problems? (By copy the contents, I mean do a select-all on the body of the original note, then CNTL-C (in Windows) then go to the blank note in the trip notebook and paste it.)
  2. Until now I have had just one notebook with all my notes in it. For an upcoming trip I just created a new notebook and want to copy all notes with a certain tag from my main notebook to the new notebook (using the Windows client). I can click on the tag in my main notebook which then lists all those notes in snippet view, then I can select all the snippets so they are highlighted. But when I right-click and choose "copy", then go to the new notebook and do a paste, nothing happens. Is there a way to copy all notes with a certain tag and place them in another notebook? The end result I want is for all the notes with that tag to be in the new notebook, but not affect the old notebook. I then want to set the new notebook to offline and download it to my Android phone so I can access the notes while on my trip when there is no internet connection. EDIT/UPDATE: I found that I can copy one note at a time but when multiple notes are selected, the "Copy Note" option is not available. Guess I'll have to copy each note individually. There are only 23 of them so it shouldn't take too long. Is there a quicker way to do this?
  3. Can anyone address my original 2nd question regarding after I return from vacation and am done accessing my notes offline, how I can return the tablet back to the way it was before I downloaded all the notes to it? I don't want to permanently use up all that storage space on the tablet. Somehow I would want to delete the notes that I downloaded to the tablet before the trip, and have the tablet app go back to retrieving them from the website as needed.
  4. I have the same question as the OP. Like the OP, my tablet (Honeycomb) app does not seem to have the option for a list view, unless I am missing something.
  5. I have EN on my PC desktop and on my Android tablet (the tablet is wi-fi only - no 3G/4G). On an upcoming trip I would like to be able to access all my notes on the tablet. From what I can tell from trying this at home, it only works when I am connected to wi-fi. It appears that the tablet app goes to the EN website to retrieve notes. I will not usually be near wi-fi hot spots during my trip. Is there a way to get all my notes transferred to the tablet (including tags) so they can be accessed at any time using the EN Android app? EDIT: I found something in the on-line help about this. It seems to be saying this can be done by premium users, which I am. I will read it and if I have any further questions, I will post them. EDIT 2: OK, I read about Offline Notebooks and it looks easy to do. I will follow the instructions just before leaving for the trip. But downloading all the notes to the tablet will use up a lot of the available storage space on the tablet. When I return from the trip, how can I delete all the downloaded notes and go back to the way it was before the trip, where the Android app retrieves notes from the web?
  6. I just got an Android tablet and installed the tablet version of EN. When I open the app, my notes are displayed in the right panel as snippets in a grid that looks like a calendar. In fact it has the month name in the upper left square of the grid. There are some icons in the left panel that, when selected, present info in various ways. For example the last icon is Tags and it will list tags in the left panel and the note list for any given tag in the right panel, but the note list is still presented as a grid. I have tried all the icons on the screen to try to get it to list the notes in a different way (For example, a vertical list of snippets like the desktop app can show in the center panel in "snippet view".) There is an EN menu item in the tablet's bottom control bar (a stack of several horizontal lines next to the normal three items shown on Honeycomb tablets -- Back, Home, Recent apps). I did a forum search and there was one reference to using this menu to control the view, but that menu does not contain any options for how the notes should be displayed. Is there a way to get the Android tablet app to show the list of notes some other way than the calendar-type grid?
  7. Ah, I see that now. I was in "snippet view", which doesn't have a size column. I switched to "list view" and now see the size column. Thanks.
  8. Regarding the limit on size per note (25 MB; or 50MB if Premium): 1. How do I check a note to see how big it is in Megabytes? The only thing I see is "Word and Resources Counts", which does not tell you how many bytes or megabytes. Maybe it can be deduced from the character counts? (I'm using the Windows version of EN if that matters). 2. If you include a file in a note, does the file size count toward the per-note limit? If so, then placing several large picture files (for example) in a note could quickly use up the allotted limit. Thanks.
  9. Thanks TheGurkha and Wern. To be double safe, I will back up the database, in addition to sync'ing.
  10. I'm an EN free user under Windows 7 64 bit. Windows is acting weird and I am close to giving up on fixing it and will probably format the hard drive and re-install Win 7 and all my applications. Are there any special steps I should take first to easily get my EN notes back when I re-install EN? Do I just sync before doing anything and then sync again after everything is re-installed?
  11. Thanks baumgarr. I tested your suggestion on the free version of EN by using a jpg picture, which the free version will allow. I added the .jpg to a note, sync'd, and then viewed it from my phone. Then I clicked the picture in the note on the PC, it opened my default photo editing program. I made a drastic change so it would be noticeable. When I saved it, the EN note on the PC reflected the change. Then I looked at the .jpg on the EN phone app and found it had not changed. But I did a sync in the EN phone app and the change showed up. So this approach should work for MS Office apps in EN Premium and will allow me to view the latest changes on the phone. The downside is that the original version of the file on my PC hard drive is not changed when I do the updates through EN. The version that is changed is in a EN folder. If I always update the document via EN, the original hard drive version of the file will be out of date. I use PC-based back up software to back up key files weekly, so I need to keep the original version up to date, if for no other reason than to have a backup in case of a hard drive failure. Unless, of course, I change the weekly file backups to back up the EN folder instead of the folder in My Documents where the original file resides. Then I don't think I would need the original file any longer and can delete it. That's sounds kind of drastic though, to only keep Evernote versions of my important documents. Especially if some day I would stop using EN. Thanks again. Now I need to think about whether I want to upgrade to Premium just to have MS office files in EN. The limitations outlined above may not be worth dealing with. Your Dropbox suggestion may be a better approach.
  12. Thanks for the clarification. If I have a document on my PC that I update frequently, and I want to be able to always see the latest updates from my phone, is there a strategy/workflow for updating the document that will accomplish that? (I currently update by using the MS Office programs on the PC. Based on what you said, continuing to do that won't accomplish what I want.)
  13. I am an new EN free user (Windows version) who is considering upgrading to premium. Question regarding MS Word and Excel documents if I upgrade: If I have an Excel spreadsheet or Word document on my PC's hard drive and place it into an EN note using the Windows EN program, I believe it will not put the contents of the file into the note, but rather a link to the file on my hard drive. Then whenever I click the link in the note using the EN Windows client, Excel or Word will open and I can view the spreadsheet or document on my PC. Right? Now, if I want to access the file from my Android phone using the EN Android app, when I view the note that contains the link to the file, I can "click" the link (well, on the phone, I would "touch" the link) and my Android Office app (Documents to Go) will open the spreadsheet or document so I can view it on the phone. Right? Now let's say some time after placing the document into an EN note, I update the spreadsheet/document on the PC directly by using Excel or Word (that is, with no involvement of EN). The next time I access the file from the phone, will the updates be shown -- or does it only show the contents as they existed at the time I originally placed the document into a new EN note?
  14. If you pay for Evernote Premium to get the ability to place Microsoft Excel and Word documents in a note, does the note actually display the contents of the Excel spreadsheet or Word Doc? Or does it just have a shortcut to the document file on hard disk (.xlsx or .docx) so that if you click on the shortcut, the native Excel or Word programs open and display the document?
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