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  1. @mattyrad1 Two possibilities - though you might not find either of them acceptable: Run Windows client under WINE (WFM OKish) or use the Web client. Martin
  2. I used Writepad in meetings - because it can read my handwriting - and put the resulting note in Evernote. Outside of meetings I tidy up the notes with a keyboard. Martin
  3. Writepad and (I think) Phatpad transfer into Evernote. I had a discussion with the author about allowing you to choose the notebook it transfers into. So far to no avail. But I have used the handwriting recognition in Writepad to get stuff into Evernote and I liked it. I bought two styli: I first bought a £5 one and found it a real drag - literally. I couldn't write as the stylus wouldn't move fast enough. The next day I bought the Bamboo £25 one and found it MUCH better. Though I think £25 a bit steep. It's much smoother to write and draw with. Martin
  4. ENScript.exe won't parse HTML but Evernote.exe WILL. I found this out the other day. I think I need it myself. Martin
  5. This is indeed a valid technique, alongside Nevernote and Wine. The one downside is you need to have a copy of Windows. Martin
  6. As noted elsewhere - there's work to do on text - whether formatting for display or editing - for Evernote. Not - to me - in any sense a deal breaker. But it's a very squeaky wheel. :-) Martin (Premium)
  7. The point about MathML is that it, being XML-based, can be readily checked for correctness against a DTD or schema - something .ENEX import already does. I would hope that'd be a big help in this. And, yes, I know the format alone isn't enough: As has been stated, authoring tools are required. One other thing: I would expect most browsers by now to be able to render MathML. Maybe that's naive. :-) Martin
  8. Ok. So I'm going to suggest MathML as a "more in spirit with the Evernote world" thing - being XML (and we've now established LaTeX isn't). Martin
  9. Presumably LaTeX is XML? With its own DTD? If not then MathML is probably a better bet. (I believe MathML has wide browser support at least, not that I've used it in anger.) Martin
  10. FWIW I've just seen 2 "I can confirm this" emails for 2 of my WINE bugs re Evernote. So maybe someone's working on them. Martin
  11. I went to WINE 1.3.13 and Evernote and it appears to run fine.
  12. @Owyn That's right... No .NET. That's why I've invested time in installing the Evernote 4 client under WINE. I still think we can get it to "first class". With work on the WINE side and (perhaps) on the Evernote side. Martin
  13. Thanks, Dave! Looking at the code a tiny bit more I suspect this path is only encountered when something has ALREADY gone wrong, necessitating writes to the console. But obviously you'd still want that to work.
  14. Am using Evernote on Firefox (actually Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:2.0b8pre) Gecko/20101126 Firefox/4.0b8pre). Webclipper is failing. Now, you might say the above Firefox level is unsupported. Fair enough but the Firefox Error Consols suggests the problem isn't with Firefox: Error: conten is not defined Source File: chrome://webclipper3-common/content/libs/evernote/overlay.js Line: 27 In lines 26 to 28 we have: if (typeof content.console != 'undefined') { console = conten.console; } else { which COULD be corruption of the extension but looks like a typo. I'm also not sure the test in line 26 is the compactest. :-) Someone please corroborate / investigate. Thanks, Martin
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