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  1. ... and I get told it was installed by another Userid. (Which I can't understand.) But then again I'm running under WINE. Martin
  2. I put an ID in the title of my expenses-related notes: A unique number for each trip I take. Thankfully I don't need to type many digits so far... :-) I would imagine one could automate note creation with this in - certainly on Mac or Windows. As this is in the General forum I don't know which (if either) would appeal to the OP. Martin
  3. Right @jbenson2. I don't disagree at all with the generality of this problem. I wonder what Evernote can do to enable such employers to bless it. (If anything.) Yes, I know Evernote hasn't targeted Corporate / Enterprise. I think that's a mistake - and one that will limit growth eventually. Martin
  4. For me the issue is what my employer would need: I don't think they permit me to put (customer) sensitive stuff on Evernote. I suspect others are in the same boat. Martin
  5. Personally I favour WritePad on the iPad - with its rather good handwriting recognition and its Evernote integration. The only nit is it has a hardcoded notebook name (which you can then move the note from). Martin
  6. I also saw this mentioned on Lifehacker yesterday. Anyone have any practical experience of using If This Then That with Evernote? Thanks, Martin
  7. Do you think the (free) Skitch app could do it? I guess it'd be rather manual. :-( Martin
  8. @mattyrad1 Two possibilities - though you might not find either of them acceptable: Run Windows client under WINE (WFM OKish) or use the Web client. Martin
  9. OK. I tried the tab-to-add-a-row thing again on my Mac last night. This time it worked. Because I don't know what was different I don't yet have confidence in it. :-( Martin
  10. @cathcam The same but not the same. :-) And YOU haven't changed if you're still using the same userid as your VM ID many moons ago. :-) Martin
  11. Tried hitting tab key in last cell - on Mac - and nothing happened. :-( As this is the E4Mac forum I assume it was supposed to work on a Mac. (This on Lion, FWIW.) Martin
  12. @pgdahl consider MY use case: I have a note with a table of expense claims. I add a row for each claim. I need it to be a table because I have five columns - name, when submitted, when processed, when paid and amount. (In fact the three "when" columns should contain check boxes but that's another story.) So after setting the table up I ran out of rows. What to do? In the end I wrote an Applescript program to add rows to the table. I maintain my use case is typical and is not the same as "we want Evernote to be as comprehensive as Office". So I disagree with your comment as it relates to table management. Martin
  13. @heather but SOME are meant to be shared. A mechanism would be good., Of course Evernote DOESN'T have to provide the mechanism - but it would probably be better if it did. Martin
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