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(Archived) Feature Request: Encrypted Notes

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It would be awesome to have encrypted notes, so that I can store work-related stuff. At the moment, it goes on your servers and can be intercepted by anyone. I'd pay more for encryption and better security.


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You can encrypt the contents of the note by right clicking the selected text and using the encrypt selected text option. You can password protect in their native application any of your attachments in a note to accomplish primarily the same thing.

This not do it for you?

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I would like to be able to designate a specific folder that could be encrypted.

No can do at this time. Keep the notes in a local notebook and disk encrypt that if you want. Many threads on here relative to how to do that.

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I don't think that quote is attributed correctly....

For sure.

Believe I clipped the quote from greghk using the nice little quote button. Know for sure I didn't type metrodon on top of greghk.

Weird. :o

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I too would like a *simple* encryption, just to keep my evernote files secure from snoops.

Ideally, just a simple checkbox on each note that would make it "private" and in order to view the contents, you'd have to enter a simple password. No need to do blowfish encryption, etc. Just even a simple PIN would be great.

For example, I use evernote in my school environment and sometimes I store my quiz questions in a note. But I also occasionally will have my evernote open while I'm working with a student, and it's oh-so-easy to accidentally click on the wrong note and show the wrong information. Even a simple "private" checkbox would block that.


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I to need secure notes desperately.

I am trying to migrate from a Palm environment where you have the option to hide private records.

When selected all notes flagged private are hidden from view in note indexes, note searching & thus cannot be seen.

When you select show private records and enter the required password, all hidden notes are now visible & no different than other notes.

The lack of something like this in evernote is causing me to continue to look for a solution.

Appreciate I can have some notes as encrypted locally but I need to sync my private notes between a couple of PCs & Iphone.

Have tried using other programs like Last Pass for secure info & have found it a pain.

Too much interference in browsing by robot prompts which I can't control, not as easy to access/search my secure notes & not part of my regular notes.


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