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  1. Dear Evernote - Love your product, blah blah blah. :-) I use my evernote constantly. Use it for all sorts of things. One thing I use it for is jotting down my budget expenses. I'd love it if Evernote had a simple math function in its tables. Nothing fancy, nothing spreadsheetish. It'd just be nice if I could do a table like: John $100 Jane $200 Bill $300 Total =COLSUM where =COL gets replaced with the sum of that column. You could also have =COLAVE where it's the average. That's about the only two functions that are essential for me. What do you think? Karen
  2. I too would like a *simple* encryption, just to keep my evernote files secure from snoops. Ideally, just a simple checkbox on each note that would make it "private" and in order to view the contents, you'd have to enter a simple password. No need to do blowfish encryption, etc. Just even a simple PIN would be great. For example, I use evernote in my school environment and sometimes I store my quiz questions in a note. But I also occasionally will have my evernote open while I'm working with a student, and it's oh-so-easy to accidentally click on the wrong note and show the wrong information. Even a simple "private" checkbox would block that. Karen
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