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  1. Hi, well I've given up, I've been asking for this for over a year now with as far as I have seen no definitive answer. I am in the process of transferring all my confidential notes to OneNote and then when my Premium account expires, after 3 years, at the end of this week I will not be renewing it. I can access my Onenote online using Windows Live and on my iPhone with the free app, not as convenient as Evernote so I'll still use the free version of Evernote for basic web clipping but for anything important I will use OneNote - which I can encrypt by section or note. Just as an aside I looked at Evernote as a possible document management system for a company I consult to, but it was eliminated very quickly because of the low level of security.
  2. Maybe what would suck more is that people won't use Trunk Partners apps becuase they are concerned about the security of their notebooks?
  3. My primary concern is with Synced notebooks accessible by external apps, either from the Evernote Trunk or downloaded iPhone (or other) Apps. I have a basic trust in Evernote to store and safeguard my data, let's take that as as given. I don't have the same trust and confidence in the other external app companies, for what I believe are valid (and in these days not too paranoid) reasons - the companies can be small, they are unknown to me, they may not survive, they may get hacked into and I don't want to give access to all my Notes in all my notebooks to multiple companies where I have a lack of confidence. Evernote wants to be seen as your lifetime storage facility and just like a real life filing cabinet, while most files can be open to be the public but there are some files that need to be locked away. I don't understand enough regarding your infrastructure questions, but if access (ability to read and write into) to the external apps could be limited to just the default notebook that would work for me or why can't you just provide write only access, this may limit functionality for some apps but again this would be a choice that I would at least use some app and maybe not others. If the content was encrypted by a specific notebook when synced to your server then I would be willing to accept the loss of index and seach, it's my my choice what I put into this "confidential" notebook. Thanks, Greg
  4. Hi, I realise this has been raised previously, but so far I cannot find any formal response from Evernote to the often raised concern as to how user can ensure the security of my notes once their notebooks have been made available to external service providers. So let me try once again. I, and many other users will not authorise any external applications to view or add to my Notebooks. Once I have to agree to the request that an external application can view and add to my notebooks I will not proceed. I have seem a number of comments regarding the "trustworthiness" of the external companies or the limited access should Evernote user data be hacked into but this is not that we are being asked to agree to when we need to tick the box. I have suggested two possible solutions: Limit access to just one Notebook and not all notebooks, so we can control and restrict access. Provide encryption of at least one Notebook (not individual notes). So please will Dave or someone else from Evernote let us know if you have plans to improve notebook security, which as far as I can recall as not been changed since the very early days of Evernote. Thanks, Greg Evernote Premium user of over 3 years with almost 7,000 notes (10% would be confidential)
  5. Hi, Are you still having the slow Evernote start-up problem, I am now convinced it is specific to my iMac and am trying to isolate the cause. On the Mac that I have the problem with I am running SpanningSync - do you by any chance use this or have any other applications that are started up when Mac OS X starts? Do anyone else use SpanningSync with Evernote without any problems? Thanks Greg
  6. Hi, Thanks for the suggestions. I have raised a support case which has been open now for 6 months, the support have team been helpful but still no fix. Also I do switch off my PC at night, even though it is not necessary these days and anyway I run Onyx about once a month to clean everything up. Greg
  7. Hi, Another follow-up to my problem with slow Evernote startup. I have just completed a fresh OS X install on a new Macbook pro and the start-up time on this PC is in seconds vs 30 seconds+ on my iMac. This is for exactly the same Evernote database (over 5,000 notes), the same version of Evernote, the same version of OS/X. Apart from having to do a fresh install on OS X on my iMac does anyone else have any other suggestions? Thanks, Greg
  8. I would like to be able to designate a specific folder that could be encrypted. The options suggested above are okay but a bit of a pain to have to do for every note you want to be secure.
  9. Hi, The recent Mac update didn't help, and even if I uninstall, reinstall and even rebuild the databases then the startup is very fast for the first instance only - after that it's back to 30 seconds +
  10. Dave, Thanks for the new iPhone app, a major improvement and hopefully the Mac client performance work will yield positive results, I am probably one of your large account users with over 5,000 notes. Greg
  11. Hi, Thanks for all your suggestions and comments and I did uninstall, reinstall and rebuild the database and all is now okay again.However I do have some other comments. If it's a bug, the the usual procedure is to prioritize it against other issues, and schedule it and address it. They rarely give fix (or new feature) date estimates -- you shouldn't expect that from them. Regarding the time to fix a bug, I first reported this problem back in August last year, so it has been almost 6 months and still no fix or even any indication of when a fix may be available. I really don't believe this is an acceptable response. I agree with Jeff - probably your imagination. Many people who don't get the results they want ASAP feel they are the step child. I know I've seen posts from Palm Pre, Android, Blackberry, WM, WM7, Linux & even Windows & iDevice users who have felt their platform was being ignored. With regards the above comment, re my imagination, just doing a quick check back on the Noteworthy Blog for recent apps updates on the mobile platform: Blackberry: 18/Feb/2011, 05/Nov/2010. Android: 9/Feb/2011, 13/Dec/2010, 08/11/2010 iPhone: 12/Nov/2010. So as far as I can tell in the past 4 months there have been 2 updates for Blackberry, 3 for Android and just 1 for iPhone. So maybe it's not just my imagination. Just as some background, I have been a user of Evernote for about 3 years and a Premium user for over 2. But anyway thanks again for your feedback.
  12. Thanks again, I was hoping to get some response from Evernote, but it looks like I will need to go through the uninstall/reinstall process again.
  13. Hi, Thanks for the suggestion and even though I do shutdown my PC overnight I run Onyx regularly to check my system, and I have just re-run and it doesn't help the slow start-up.
  14. Hi, I have a problem with a very slow start-up time for Evernote 2.0.4 on Max OS X 10.6.6. I am running a iMac I5 with plenty of spare disk space. It now takes over 30 seconds from when I click the Icon to a state when I can view my notes. I have had this problem for about 6 months and when I first reported to Evernote support I was told to uninstall then reinstall Evernote, this seemed to help a bit but now several months later it almost unusable. I recently reported the problem again to Evernote (Case 123941) and have been told this is a bug, with no estimate of a fix date given. I do not have the same problem with my Windows client. Maybe it's just my imagination but it seems to me that Mac clients seem to be taking second place to other platforms, apart for this problem we are still waiting for the promised update to the iPhone app Just checking if anyone else has the same problem so we can get some additional pressure to get a prompt resolution.
  15. Thanks to jbenson2 & burgernFries, I do backup regularly using Time Machine. The problem was that I was unable to sync any of my platforms, and since I couldn't sync I didn't want to add any more Notes, so I was in limbo for a few days. I have now uninstalled and reinstalled on my Mac, iPhone and Windows systems and several hours later all is okay. Engberg, The trouble is 24/7 to you is 9 to 5 for me and if you do plan on expanding globally then you may need to look at providing 9 to 5 support, Mon-Fri that covers times zones outside the US. I did receive more suggestions to which I have replied. Eventually I rebuilt my 3 platforms from scratch, which is what I should have done when the problem first occurred. Greg www.gregthegeek.me
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