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  1. Not stopped, but slowed down (I was actually working on it last night). My real life has conspired to keep me busy and I still need to support the old Java client until the C++ one is a suitable replacement. :-)
  2. I don't have a problem with Evernote's support of NixNote. I think direct financial support would open a can of worms. If you were Evernote, how would you decide what projects to fund? If it is by user count I'll bet there are a lot of other projects with a lot larger user base. I've read the suggestions here for a Kickstarter fund. It is flattering (and tempting) but I don't want anything like that right now. With the way things are today I can walk away from the project at any point and do something else without any financial impact. Another benefit is that I don't have to hear "I paid for this and I demand feature X". I enjoy that freedom more than the money I expect I'd earn. I've also used a lot of free programs in my lifetime so it feels pretty nice to give a little something back. Maybe some day circumstances will be different but right now my children are not starving (all they eat is peanut butter anyway) so I'm happy. Besides, If I accepted money it would become a job instead of a hobby. Jobs are boring. Hobbies are fun. I have enough jobs. I've been working on a native C++ rewrite that should hopefully overcome a lot of the problems with the current Java version of NixNote. So far the new client is looking pretty good (for an alpha version anyway). The memory usage is only a small fraction of the old client and it is much much faster at viewing notes. The few people who have used it have even said it isn't as ugly! It is early, but it looks promising so far.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean. The code has always been available. As for new features, the next release will have OAuth support and fixes some bugs, but otherwise very few new features. I don't plan to do many major new features to the current Java code base, but if you have something that is easy to implement I'm always willing to listen. The majority of my time is being spent doing a rewrite as a native client to avoid some of the memory & speed limitations of the current one.
  4. Alternatively, with Nixnote you can setup a selective sync so you just synchronize your work stuff at work and your home stuff at home and keep everything in the same account. It has been a while, but I think that still works.
  5. Then you'll still find it horrible. I stink at UI development & find it extremely painful. I am working on a 2.0 version that is quite different and will hopefully address a lot of the current problems (and probably create all new ones). Part of that will be a new UI. Unfortunately it is a very long way from being ready.
  6. Evernote has been more than helpful and supportive in NixNote's development. If I were to make one request it would be that they publish a roadmap as to where their API is going so we're not caught by surprise, but I understand why they don't. Other than that, I've received wonderful help from them when I encounter problems or have questions. They've even provided suggestions & helped find a few bugs in the source! I really can't ask for much more support than I've received.
  7. That isn't true. I fell back to a free account once & I was still able to edit my notes. It was a while ago, but I doubt they changed it. My guess is that this applies to any attachments which were not permitted on a free account. Since they removed the restriction this may no longer apply.
  8. When I create a shortcut using the default launcher, the title doesn't appear. It just says "Evernote". With other launchers, I see the title of the shortcut I selected when creating it. Did this work at one time? I could have sworn that this worked in the past, but maybe I'm wrong. I'm assuming it is a launcher bug/limitation, but I thought I'd ask in case it is something goofy I did. Thanks.
  9. viewtopic.php?f=30&t=28503&p=121047 viewtopic.php?f=30&t=20761&p=87595
  10. You can't clip a video from a web page since that is a streaming content and not a static page. It would also cause a lot o copyright issues. If you a premium member you can attach any type of file, but you'd nee to have a copy of the video downloaded first and it couldn't exceed the limit for an individual note (50MB I think).
  11. Another option is to use something like EverPaint or Handromeo. They have Evernote integration. I used Handromeo a while back and it worked fairly well, but my screen too small to make drawing useful so I removed it.
  12. You need to be a premium subscriber, but you can select them under Settings/Select Offline Notebooks. You always download the snippets & headers for all notes but the note attachments regardless if they are offline. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to see a list of any of your notes.
  13. If you update the doc by clicking on it in Evernote it will save & synchronize the updates. I don't know if the Android client automatically updates it since I've never tried it. You could use Dropbox or something similar if you just want to update the documents outside of Evernote.
  14. No. It will put a copy of the document into Evernote. You can delete, move, rename, or update the original copy and it has no impact on the one in Evernote. It would open the Evernote copy of that document on your phone. It would not do anything with the separate non-Evernote copy on the PC. It would, however, synchronize with your Evernote copy on that PC. If you update the document without Evernote, your Evernote copy would not be updated. Once it is in Evernote, it is considered a separate thing in the same way as if you copied it to a different directory.
  15. I haven't seen this reported, but perhaps I missed it. If you use the 4x2 widget you can still notes even if you've never unlocked the main program. If you click on a note you still get prompted for the pin, but with the addition of scrolling in the last beta widget you can view at least a portion of any note without entering a pin. This is on 3.1 RC2.
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