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  1. Not stopped, but slowed down (I was actually working on it last night). My real life has conspired to keep me busy and I still need to support the old Java client until the C++ one is a suitable replacement. :-)
  2. I don't have a problem with Evernote's support of NixNote. I think direct financial support would open a can of worms. If you were Evernote, how would you decide what projects to fund? If it is by user count I'll bet there are a lot of other projects with a lot larger user base. I've read the suggestions here for a Kickstarter fund. It is flattering (and tempting) but I don't want anything like that right now. With the way things are today I can walk away from the project at any point and do something else without any financial impact. Another benefit is that I don't have to hear "I paid for this and I demand feature X". I enjoy that freedom more than the money I expect I'd earn. I've also used a lot of free programs in my lifetime so it feels pretty nice to give a little something back. Maybe some day circumstances will be different but right now my children are not starving (all they eat is peanut butter anyway) so I'm happy. Besides, If I accepted money it would become a job instead of a hobby. Jobs are boring. Hobbies are fun. I have enough jobs. I've been working on a native C++ rewrite that should hopefully overcome a lot of the problems with the current Java version of NixNote. So far the new client is looking pretty good (for an alpha version anyway). The memory usage is only a small fraction of the old client and it is much much faster at viewing notes. The few people who have used it have even said it isn't as ugly! It is early, but it looks promising so far.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean. The code has always been available. As for new features, the next release will have OAuth support and fixes some bugs, but otherwise very few new features. I don't plan to do many major new features to the current Java code base, but if you have something that is easy to implement I'm always willing to listen. The majority of my time is being spent doing a rewrite as a native client to avoid some of the memory & speed limitations of the current one.
  4. Then you'll still find it horrible. I stink at UI development & find it extremely painful. I am working on a 2.0 version that is quite different and will hopefully address a lot of the current problems (and probably create all new ones). Part of that will be a new UI. Unfortunately it is a very long way from being ready.
  5. Evernote has been more than helpful and supportive in NixNote's development. If I were to make one request it would be that they publish a roadmap as to where their API is going so we're not caught by surprise, but I understand why they don't. Other than that, I've received wonderful help from them when I encounter problems or have questions. They've even provided suggestions & helped find a few bugs in the source! I really can't ask for much more support than I've received.
  6. Actually, I've been thinking about something along those lines for a few months. The idea would be to have Evernote synchronized notebooks & locally synchronized notebooks that never reach the cloud, but I don't know if I'll ever implement it since it would be a lot of work for a very small number of users. Even if I decided to work on something, it would probably be at least year before anything would be stable enough to beta test. If I do, however, I'll try to remember to ping you so you can test. :-)
  7. I guess I'm not sure what you're asking for. If you want to move the location of your db to another drive, then you can either setup a symbolic link for ~/.nevernote/db to some other location, or use the NN_HOME startup parameter. If you move it to a shared location I think you could use multiple PCs with multiple NeverNote accounts to share the same database, but only one can be active at a time since it locks the database when it is running.
  8. I don't know if it helps much, but the 0.99 release I pushed out yesterday should have some performance improvements. For me, the improvements when switching notebooks & tags was very noticeable over earlier versions. In addition, you can either not synchronize some notebooks or you can close them. Both should help performance some.
  9. There was a bug that was fixed in the last version that I think may help this problem. It was caused by an incomplete sync not having a parent tag so it went into a loop trying to find a tag that didn't exist when it started. The tags may not be in the correct hierarchy, but it should at least start. If you modify the nevernote.bat to not spawn a separate window and run it from a terminal, you might see more information on the error when you do the initial sync. Thanks.
  10. I don't want to get into a NeverNote vs Evernote comparison since I'm well aware of the missing features & problems with NeverNote, but a screen clipper is always asked for and there is a way to get one. The easiest thing to do is to use something like Shutter which has the option to save any screen shots to a folder. Then, setup NeverNote to auto-import that folder. I'm not a big screen clipper user but the last time I tried using this method it accomplished everything I needed. I didn't even need NeverNote to be running. I had setup the folder to auto-delete so it simply picked them up the next time it started. You could also do this with Evernote if you don't like their clipper (a lot of people seem to be religious about screen clippers). In the last few releases you can view ink notes, but you cannot edit them. I'd add editing of ink notes but there is no open API or published file format for me to use. This is the same restriction as other non-Windows Evernote clients. Even if Evernote did produce a native Linux client I doubt it would have this feature since Mac, iPad/iPhone/iTouch, Android, BlackBerry, or Palm devices don't have the ability to edit ink notes either. If you do get an error using NeverNote and don't mind tinkering around a bit to help debug it then please feel free to submit a report to me over at SourceForge or PM me here. If I don't know about the bug I'll probably never fix it.
  11. Thanks. Everything is separate. I run multiple NeverNote databases against the same Evernote account and run Evernote's client at the same time on the same machine. I've never had an issue. You run the same risk of getting conflicting notes as if you edited the same note on different machines.
  12. I haven't run the latest under Wine, but I can compare it running under Windows with Evernote's native Windows client. I'll be honest & tell you the drawbacks of NeverNote first. - It's beta. - Compared with Evernote under Windows, it consumes more CPU, disk, & memory. - It is slower. - It can't do ink notes. To be fair, any non-Windows platform can't do ink notes but the fact that NeverNote can't do them is always the first thing mentioned. - It doesn't take notes from web cam pictures. - It doesn't have an integrated screen clipper (although there are ways to setup similar functionality). - It doesn't have an integrated web clipper (although if you use Evernote's web clipper it can sync and pull your notes down). - Everybody complains that it is ugly (yet nobody has volunteered to create a better theme :-)). The benefits (compared with Windows) - The biggest thing I like is that I can hide some notebooks. I hide my personal notebooks at work, and my work notebooks at home. I also close older notebooks that I seldom use so I don't need to hunt through them unless I need them. - It can index RTF, ODF, RTF, & MS Office documents as well as PDF documents. I've never done an in-depth analysis on how well it does, but it seems to work most of the time. - You can encrypt the database, but under Linux this isn't a big deal since you can encrypt your entire home directory. - You don't need an Evernote account to use it (although I'd highly recommend it since this is beta software). - Shared notebooks are not in a separate tab, but are integrated along with your normal notebooks. It gets a little odd because of some of the restrictions but it allows you to search shared & non-shared notebooks at the same time. - You can copy an existing note (although the current version has a bug with this that is fixed in the next release). - You can do a selective sync and only pull down notes based upon their tag or notebook. This is rather new and it is useful if you have a work PC that you don't want to keep personal information on or if you are constrained on disk space. There are a few other minor things, but those are probably the biggest differences. I've heard that under Wine some features of Evernote don't work but I don't know what those features are. I've also heard that Evernote is slow under Wine, but I don't have any first hand experience with how Evernote under Wine compares speed wise with NeverNote.
  13. We would absolutely LOVE it if you used an open-source client developed by smart engineers that we didn't have to pay. That's not a "threat", that would be delightful. So I guess I shouldn't hold out for that free iPad, ritePen, and lifetime premium subscription in appreciation for all the hard work? Damn!
  14. Thanks MrPok for posting all that & I'm glad you like it. Anyone is certainly welcome to try it and I use it as my main program on both Windows & Linux so I'm comfortable with it enough to eat my own dog food. My only caution to anyone is that this is beta software. You should be fine and I haven't heard of any catastrophic data corruption problems but it can be a little rough around the edges at times. Thanks again MrPok.
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