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(Archived) Scanner Recommendations

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Dear All,

I'm looking for a new scanner to work virtually exclusively with EN, the obvious choice is the ScanSnap, however if possible I would rather it could stand-alone scan to EN and thought that the N-Transfer might solve the problem (http://www.evernote.com/about/trunk/items/ntransfer?lang=en&layout=default&source=hardware_page) - but appears to only be available in Japan.

So I was after a scanner with the following functionality and as I have yet to find it was wondering what everyone else was using:

- Multipage, double sided scanning (one touch start or certainly extremely easy).

- Scan direct to EN (without having to run a PC) through an ethernet connection (using NetGear homelug) or through Wifi.

- Not be too much hassle to get set-up and running in the UK

- Be reasonably priced!

- An alternative might be to use a networked scanner to send the document to the server over the Netgear Homeplug (however I want the scanner downstairs and to leave the ugly server in its lair...) - but I don't know of one as well priced and good as the ScanSnap.

In reality I would rather use the ScanSnap together with an N-Transfer-like product as the review for the ScanSnap are excellent.

What is everyone else doing and what do they recommend?


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What is everyone else doing and what do they recommend?

The ScanSnap S300 fits my needs very nicely. One touch button with duplex or single side - along with variable resolution, color / B&W, etc. Business cards to legal size warrranties. The size is perfect for a desktop application. Sits beside one of my monitors. Flip the lid open and it turns on. Smooth as silk sending to Evernote. After finding several discrepancies with Evernote's search indexing, I do the OCR on almost all my documents. Only adds another 30 seconds to the process and I know it is done correctly.

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Thanks guys, but I believe you need both those scanners connected to a PC or do they work stand alone?

I've not heard of a stand alone scanner that can send images directly to EN w/o a computer. There are stand alone scanners (I have a Magic Wand) but you do have to hook them (or their SD card) up to a computer to transfer the images. Until an item similar to the N-transfer is available in your area, you'll probably need to use a computer.

BTW, I'm not sure I'd want to have that setup as my main scanner workflow anyway. When you send directly to the EN cloud (which is what you'd be doing if you're bypassing a desktop client), that goes against your monthly upload allowance. When using a desktop, you scan into your Windows client & can view the doc before it gets sync'd to the cloud. This way, any bad scans won't go against your monthly upload limit.

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I remember CEO bloke mentioning on one of the podcasts a Japanese 'box' that scans and sends without a computer. Only available in Nippon I'm sure.

Yep that's the N-Transfer box which I mentioned in the first post.

The work around I'm thinking of is a Belkin Network USB Hub http://www.ebuyer.com/product/135312 running through the wiring in the house via Netgear Homeplug http://www.ebuyer.com/product/191930 to the server in its lair.

Anyone have any comments?

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I've not heard of a stand alone scanner that can send images directly to EN w/o a computer.

Recently I saw an advertisement fro a HP printer that printed from the web wirelessly, I think via email. Ie the printer was assigned an email address. So I would think that it could easily be reversed where the printer/scanner sends the scan to an email address that we have now.

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