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(Archived) Feature Request

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I just saw on the Mac App Store an app called Thoughtback that automatically e-mails back one's ideas. Could something like that be implemented in Evernote?

Same as this thing? --> http://thoughtback.com/

Update: I have to admit that it's quite interesting... If only Evernote had something like Shovebox's QuickJot or Thing's QuickEntry dialogue box... Unfortunately I haven't installed the Mac App Store because I fear what is about to come... Lion is pretty intimidating, in terms of the increased control over the user experience... Could imagine myself using the app though. It'd be excellent if ThoughtBack connected to Evernote; It'd make my Tickler system work since it's pretty inactive right now.

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It sounds like this may be similar to Jott. Can't say for sure b/c it annoys me when a website doesn't impart any information about it's service & forces you to register/sign up, just to get more info.

I've used Jott for several years & you can either have it email you back or send your Jott to Evernote or one of any of the other services it integrates with. Another one (that I've never used) is Dial2Do.

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Another one that works in a similar way is reQall ... it transcribes voice input, e-mails you reminders, and can also be configured to automatically e-mail you things it thinks you might have forgotten. And it has some basic Evernote integration, too.

Horribly-designed website, though. If you think Evernote's website is slow, you haven't seen anything.

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