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  1. Yet, numerous other products seem to be able to create pdf files from Safari web pages with no problems, at all ... like Skitch, for example.
  2. Thank you!! This is a great start to restoring both the visual appeal and the usability of the Evernote Mac app. If EN is officially going to stick with the monochrome, I really hope the replacement color icons will continue to be available, and additional ones added to the set.
  3. I'd say that the real reason OneNote doesn't live on all the platforms Evernote does, is that OneNote is made by Microsoft.
  4. Agreed. It's clear that the Evernote guys all drank double servings of the WWDC Kool-Aid this year, and I know that it's more fun to develop shiny new features ... but seriously, you need to maintain the basics first, and you're not doing that. I'm really starting to lose faith.
  5. There are going to be about a half-dozen people involved, all in all. Looking at it more, I think I'd need to maintain the central Evernote shared account, and also have each user give me access to a shared EN account of their own ... and that may not be the most efficient solution, so I'm going to look beyond Evernote. Hopefully EN will beef up it's sharing capabilities at some point.
  6. I'm heading up a new collaborative project at work, and experimenting with using a shared Evernote notebook as a central repository for pdf documents that my entire workgroup needs to access. Every member of the workgroup will be adding documents to the shared collection, but I need to maintain overall control over the document set, and I don't want team members to inadvertently edit or delete other peoples' documents. So what I need is a shared notebook, where the people I share with have "add-only" access. This seems like it would be useful for a variety of scenarios, but is apparently something Evernote can't do at this point. Any other work-around suggestions would be welcomed. I know that I could have each team member set up their own shared EN notebook for the project, but that really seems unnecessarily cumbersome ... and since most of them are EN newbies, I want to make this as straightforward for them as possible.
  7. And 100% of Evernote employees are susceptible to stats-induced headaches.
  8. Not wanting to take this topic too far off thread, but ... yeah, the current export functionality is a huge problem with Evernote. Sure, you can export your stuff out of Evernote very easily, but then what the heck do you do with it? Unless you're fairly technically proficient, you won't have a clue. I used DevonThink Pro for quite a while, and it's a great program. I'd still be using Devon instead of EN if it offered EN's mobile access and cloud capabilities. Devon is making some initial steps in that direction, but they've got a long way to go.
  9. That's certainly an easy and convenient way to dismiss these concerns ... but I think an unfair one, and a bit of a cheap shot. For the record, I've successfully installed Lion on my Macs, am happily "reverse scrolling," and in general look forward to all forms of progress. There are lots of areas where Evernote could assign some development resources, and I agree that text formatting should be at the top of the list. Sooner or later they'll have to implement a stronger RTF formatting model for typed-in notes, and not just rely on the bastardized HTML scheme that they currently use. But a usable and visually compelling UI is also very important -- both for usability, and to give EN the market appeal it needs to continue to grow. Evernote really needs to abandon its lowest-common-denominator approach its used in the Mac UI arena.
  10. I strongly agree that the new UI is very unfortunate ... but I also know that at this point, it's a foregone conclusion. That said -- and no offense to the current EN staff -- I really wish Evernote would take a little bit of its venture funding and hire a really top-notch UI designer for its desktop apps. I suspect I'm not alone in saying that I use EN in spite of the UI rather than because of it, and someday it would be nice to see a UI that matches the quality of the Evernote concept.
  11. That's what Apple claims, anyway ... but then they egregiously violated their own alleged guidelines by adding that faux-leather look to iCal and the Address Book. Though I really dislike the new Evernote icons, I'm at least grateful that EN didn't decide to ape the iCal look.
  12. I know it's early, but so far the most visible bit of "Lion-y goodness" in the beta is the new monochrome icon set ... fuzzy and unintuitive and ugly. That said, though, I really like the concept of the favorites bar -- if we're eventually able to edit it, adding saved searches and such, it will be extremely useful. Far better than the existing left sidebar.
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