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  1. Well, the company that makes Blackberries is Canadian ... but even if it weren't I don't think you have a legitimate point. Evernote is clearly a pretty smart company -- it'd be hard to argue that, judging by its growth rate. And it's definitely not ethnocentric, judging by the number of localizations (and the fact that one of its biggest emerging markets is Japan). As a smart company, it's allocating its resources where there's most potential for growth, and I happen to think its doing so wisely. You're certainly free to disagree about that ... but given recent developments at Nokia it's pretty hard to see too many growth prospects for Symbian. And given the fact that people generally replace their smartphones every couple of years, even most of the current Symbian smartphone users are probably going to be using something else before too long. Basically, by switching platforms Nokia has guaranteed the pointlessness of future 3rd-party investments in Symbian -- by Evernote, or anyone else. Anyone who's unhappy with that should address their complaints to Nokia.
  2. I suspect that developing a dedicated Evernote app costs a little more than $45.
  3. I can see both sides of this one, and mostly I'm fine with the way it works now. But ... (there's always a "but," isn't there?) The way note counts are displayed in hierarchical tags seems very unintuitive. My tag hierarchy is set up so that parent tags are only used to group child tags, so notes aren't directly assigned to them ... so when the child tags aren't being displayed, I have a list of header tags that all have (0) next to them, even though there are dozens of notes assigned to the various child tags. So here's my suggestion. There need to be two note counts shown for parent tags -- the first showing the number of notes tagged to the parent, the other showing the total number of notes tagged with one of the child tags. It could look like this, for example: (0/69).
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