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  1. Links between notes are an amazing feature. However, it can get frustrating when note links are broken. Any chance you all could add a feature to index our note links to see whether there are broken links? That would be amazingly helpful, and make things much less frustrating when, say, a year on, we find our links outdated because we moved or deleted notes.
  2. Woohoo! Thank you Evernote devs for listening to our longings!!
  3. That's true, and Google Docs is the most famous of them all. But gDocs lacks the organizational finesse of EN. If one were to think about collaborative workspaces, being able to interactively edit in real-time is the last thing that hampers EN from being the ultimate workspace, don't you think? I suggested that the dev team look at the Open Sourced version so that they wouldn't have to re-invent the whole wheel either. AFAIK, Evernote's storage format is some superset of HT/XML (can't remember), which might make it amenable to easily modifying what Etherpad's dev have done in the browser.
  4. Etherpad is an open-source program that allows one to do real-time collaborative editing in the browser. I think the dev team might want to take a look at it, perhaps? Maybe forking it and modifying it for EN users would make real-time collaborative editing possible? Real-time collaborative editing, I believe, is one of the final things that would make EN totally blow out the competition.
  5. Work chat is now much better, the old problems of having slow load times has gone away. However, it's still 2-3 seconds before the work chat window is responsive after it shows up. Thanks for the fix, guys, hope you can make it even better!
  6. Yes, it is; the rest of Evernote works with reasonable speed. It looks like it's the "typing a contact" aspect of work chat that is behaving slowly only.
  7. With work chats, we've got a new dimension for sharing our work. (Notebooks were the first one.) Work chats have different contexts associated with them. Might it be possible to name them? That would help me identify the work chat that I'm looking for most easily.
  8. When I first launch work chat to share, and when I type in names of contacts to share with, I get a spinning beachball for about 10-20 seconds, slowing down my workflow when sharing with people. Is there a reason for this? Can this be fixed to eliminate this problem?
  9. I noticed that Work Chat is very slow when I try to type in a contact with whom to share a note. Is there a reason for this?
  10. Hey Evernote devs, If you're observing, OneNote is catching up - and real fast! The only killer feature I haven't seen from any other note-taking app is the "related notes", but I imagine even that can be implemented by a company as big as M$. http://lifehacker.com/onenote-for-android-adds-handwriting-input-tablet-supp-1623944074 Some (rhetorical) questions: When will we see native scribble input enabled on iPads and iPhones?When will we see taggable sections of notes, not just full notes?When will we see a UI that caters to those who want a beautiful UI, not just barebones functionality? (I'm not one of those, but I have a hard time convincing some of my colleagues to move over because of - alas! - the UI...)Cheers, Eric
  11. Concur with Marlee. That's what I meant by the aspect ratio not being captured properly - content at the edges of the page are cropped off. Also, can the auto-straightening be made 100% accurate please? What I mean is this - sometimes, the page "lifts" up naturally, as a result of the binding of the book, thus creating a curve. If that happens, a part of the desk is captured as well as the page, and is left behind in the final image. Here is a link to both issues cropping up (pardon the pun!) simultaneously: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s3/sh/3f251c55-fb6e-4c8b-8d6c-2de1b3909d25/e314ae927696219116111f0d022fd605 You will note that part of the desk behind the page is captured in the image, which never happens if I write on a page that doesn't "lift" naturally. Also, the content at the bottom of the page is cropped off. For the benefit of the devs, I'm a coder myself, and I have tried (albeit very, very briefly) my hand at image processing. I believe one solution would be to harness the fact that there are gridlines on the page to straighten out the image. To solve the cropping problem, one solution would be to look for the corners of the Moleskine page, to delimit where the left and/or right corners are. They are curved, and have a distinct curve to them, which doesn't change from Moleskine to Moleskine.
  12. I will also concur with Svid311 on this. The aspect ratio is not consistent with a Moleskine notebook at times. Since you guys have a "Post-It Note" setting, I think a Moleskine notebook setting also makes sense, otherwise making the Document Camera automatically detect that this is a Moleskine notebook and then making it crop correctly would be another great alternative!
  13. Hi JMichael, What's the black/whiteboard app that you use?
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