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Unable to log in to Evernote desktop app

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I am unable to log in to the Evernote windows desktop app for a week now. I downloaded the latest version online and even uninstalled and reinstalled the app a couple of times but I keep on getting the same Error "Something went wrong on our end, sorry about that. Please try restarting Evernote"

Screenshot (281).png

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Hmmn.  Try uninstalling with Revo Uninstaller Free which will clear out any temporary files that Evernote might have saved somewhere... and if you're not on Evernote v10.83.5,  try another download to update before reinstall..

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Uninstalled with Revo, downloaded the latest app, downloaded latest windows update and installed the update, restarted the laptop, installed latest evernote and logged in. Still facing the same error.

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One thing that might help a bit is to run Evernote with logging enabled - I'm not referring to "log in" or "logging in" (as "sign in"), but the kind of log where the program shows some of the steps it is taking so a programmer can find out what is going on.

First, be sure to close the Evernote client. Then open a Command Prompt, enter the Evernote directory and run it with the parameter --enable-logging:

cd %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Evernote
Evernote.exe --enable-logging

The output might or might not show relevant error messages, but it might be worth a try if you haven't solved your issue yet.

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