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  1. Hi! I've been an Evernote user since 2009. Today I installed Evernote 10.8.5, hoping it would be significantly better than the current web version, but found out that this "app" seems to be just a web browser that automatically loads and run Evernote for the Web (i.e., it uses the Electron framework). Even though I'm almost always in favor of changes (even major ones) in services, I always expect those changes to provide better functionality for the users. With Evernote 10 I can only see a few improvements and major drawbacks, not to mention several bugs, both new (e.g., selecting te
  2. I think they did have a very serious discussion - and the solution they came up with (to solve many bugs and allow the implementation of new features) was to rebuild their software. That was also my first thought. But they said they did work on it, and as a programmer, I also know some bugs can be difficult to understand and fix properly. But again, since they are "laser focused" in building and transitioning to a new system, fixing a rare problem in the current version is clearly not their priority. Unless we are talking about security issues or low hanging fruit, I don't think m
  3. I already examined notes exported from my Windows app, and they not only look just fine, I also don't believe they contain the metadata that is causing the issue.
  4. Having access to your data in their servers (the "cloud") is not the same as having access to the data in your phone - the issue might exist because they are different. IMNSHO, if the Evernote team wanted to, they could easily get the data from your phone (after your consent, obviously!) and then try to reproduce the error, but that is not their focus ATM. Here's what I received from support, in 2019/10/25: I then suggested ideas of workarounds, from exporting notes, the whole database or even the full app data for them to examine, but got no reply after that. A month ag
  5. That's true, but there are a few ways to work around that. They could add a support option in the app (it could even be hidden at first) for users to upload their data (in part or in whole) for them to inspect.
  6. I don't think support will help. Last time I checked, they said they are aware of the issue, but since they can't reproduce it on their side, there are not many people being affected, and is mostly an inconvenience (instead, e.g., something worse like data loss), this is a low priority issue. As they are designing a lot of changes for a new app, they just hope this issue goes away when they release it.
  7. I'm also on Evernot v. 8.12.2 on Android, and the issue persists. Just like @Dave-in-Decatur, I also updated my note on Windows and ended up with a note conflict that won't go away. Adding more details: My "locked" note on Android was called "Sand Spirograph" I changed the same note on my Windows machine ( (308716) Public (CE Build ce-62.5.9981)) I synced on both devices (first on Windows, then on Android) This caused a "note conflict" on Android I deleted the "note conflict" on Android (the one with the lock and red mark) Now I see the note
  8. Hi, everyone! I also have the same issue as @Cyroxian wrote in the first post of this thread. I'm a paying user, so I opened a support ticket. Unfortunately, since this issue has been going on for months, I'm not very hopeful we will see a solution soon (or ever)! The amount of bugs in all Evernote apps seems to grow faster than they are fixed (and I have some bugs reported & acknowledged years ago that are still alive & kicking)...
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