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I would like to know if there is a technique on Android that allows me to replicate the following workflow, used on the Windows version of Evernote. I have several notes containing Excel files as attachments. I like to open these Excel files from within an Evernote note to edit them. On Windows, the note is automatically updated with the edited Excel file. Is it possible to perform the same operation on Android?

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I don't do this much (or ever), but I just tried opening a spreadsheet from within a note and making a tiny edit. When I closed the spreadsheet, then reopened it in the app, the change had not saved. (But the note was marked updated!) I think the way you have to do it on Android (due to OS limitations, probably) is to download the attachment, edit it and save the edits, then re-attach it. But others with real-world experience may have better advice.

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If another app is used for the edits, I think the sandboxing concept of both mobile OSes will prevent it to save itself back. Sandboxing means that each app receives its own adhere of memory where it is allowed to execute. An app is not allowed to write by itself into the sandbox (memory range) of another app. This concept provides for security - but makes it difficult for data to flow between apps.

Data flow between apps is done through the user deciding to share it to another app.

EN can open the spreadsheet app and send it the file for editing. But the spreadsheet app can’t send it back to the note.

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