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Clean Up Note - AI Feature missing?

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When looking at the AI features on the website it highlights a feature called Note Cleanup.  When looking at the AI Edit button within the note the Cleanup option isn't there, is this still available?

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2 minutes ago, Jack Jack said:

I can't find any options that just 'clean up' the note.  Do you know what I should choose?

On version 10.81.4 once you highlight some text, then the AI edit button will show. Then click for options.

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9 minutes ago, Jack Jack said:

Ok, so looks like they removed it.

No, it is part of the AI edit options.  I’m not in front of my desktop, maybe it is named differently.  One difference now is that you need to select which text you want it to act on.  It doesn’t automatically do the whole note now unless you select it all.

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The New Ai function has a restriction on how much text you can process- makes it awkward if you clip an article from the web then try summarising it- not sure what limit is.

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Usually it should show once you click into a note, to the far right of the tools ribbon. You need to select some text to make it work.

They have added some options behind the button. No idea if an equivalent to AI Cleanup is among them.


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