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The function of “sharing” a web link no longer works since the new V10 was installed.
For example, if I want to share a web link of a program from the Playstore in Evernote, then everything looks ok.

Unfortunately, the link that arrives in Evernote is unusable (see Attachement)

If I share the same link as an email, it works correctly

Is this a mistake in Evernote, or am I doing something wrong?


2024-03-08 16_23_18-Window.jpg

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I just tried this, and I got the exact same result. https > intent? It looks like an autocorrect error, but how could that be? It only seems to happen with shares from Google Play to Evernote. A share from Play to another app produced the correct URL, and a share from another Website in my browser to Evernote also succeeded. Very weird. Since it's reproducible, you should report it to Support using the Settings menu in the app, then Support. Be prepared to get a first response from a robot who tells you to do stuff you already did and/or which couldn't possibly have anything to do with this. Jump through the hoops and hopefully you'll get to a human after awhile. Support times have been dreadfully long for months, but there are some indications lately that it's getting better.

EDIT: I don't generally need to share URLs from Play to Evernote, so I've never seen this before. It may be a fairly recent bug in v. 10--I would think someone would have reported it before now if it had been happening for a long time.

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There is also a strange message when I send a link from Facebook, but at least the source link works there!

It is possible that there is a problem when submitting the registration credentials -> See attached File2024-03-1010_28_40-Window.jpg.6466f811abaff8be84286a58496090fd.jpg

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