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049 - Paste internal links as complete HTLM link (with title and URL) into foreign applications

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Problem Description
  • OK: Internal links to other notes may be pasted to notes correctly as HTML links with title in green colour and an URL behind. Example:
  • Fail: When pasting this to other applications (like Word, Calendars, ...) only the URL is pasted as plain text. Example (same "link")
    • evernote:///view/245265494/s472/bc41dd41-3184-057d-6a07-e10a8072fe83/7f6f6d0f-63a2-31ff-2f84-45d63f9d9648
  • OK: If you try to cut such text and paste it back to EN,
    • EN tries to translate strings of form "evernote:///view..." back to a valid link
    • If possible, a valid link (with green text and URL behind) appears in note text.

Expected behaviour
  • EN should copy a valid HTML link (containing title and URL behind) to the system clipboard

  • Mark title and copy this as text to the foreign application
  • Create internal link for note (Ctrl-Alt-L)
  • Modify already pasted text in foreign application to become a hotlink (mostly used: Ctrl-K) by pasting the URL to appropriate input field

Background information (See also...)
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  • Level 5*

?  There are two options for note links behind the three dots menu


If I choose the web link I get the note title and an https:// link when pasted in a note...


The '+' & '/' keys assume an internal link is required.

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16 minutes ago, gazumped said:

?  There are two options for note links behind the three dots menu

Yep - they create either links of type "evernote:///..." or "https://www.evernote.com/shard/...". Both URLs point to the note - one is used to use the app as a destination - the other will go to EN-Web.

But (and that's my point): If you paste either of these links to Word, Excel or any other program outside EN, you will get only these URL-Texts which is very inconvinient. 😤. Some programs may change these text lines to links - but without knowing which text is to shown because this text (that we know from EN as the note's title) is not included in clipboard data...

Please see discussions Making Excel open Evernote links in the desktop app - not working properly and Paste internal links as functional URL to other applications (Outlook, Excel, Word, ...) for more detailed information on this.

I've explained it to Support - they forwarded it to Development - but nothing has changed since months. Now we are forced to use EN10 and ... <sorry, will not re-start this discussion>



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9 hours ago, gazumped said:

Federico says "soon".  That now seems to mean sometime in the nest few weeks...

Yep - he's credible in this area. But my "do we can assume that all this will be implemented soon?" was meant as "... all this ..." (complete URL with #anchor to title to paste in foreign apps...) 😉

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