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Billing Page Error

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When I try to open the Billing Details of my subscription, I get an Error

"Es gibt momentan Probleme mit der Darstellung dieser Seite. Bitte lade die Seite neu und versuche es noch einmal. Sollten die Probleme weiterhin bestehen, wende dich bitte an unseren Kundenservice"

and I am not able to quit my subscription.

The answer of the support ist a short description, how to quit, but thats exact the point where the error occurs.


Screenshot 2024-02-21 144739.png

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Thank you for your reply! I tried this nearly 50 times with all different browsers I could find also with deactivated security options and on 5 different computers restarted, powered off an on again ....

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Sorry - forgot the background.  Worst case,  you can request a full refund from Evernote if the payment goes through,  though it may take a while.  Meantime I suggest you contact Support via https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new / use "Account" as the issue type and ask them to change your subscription level for you / arrange a refund if they don't get to it before the date.  Plus if you can - talk to your bank or card company and try to stop the payment that way!  Good luck...

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