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  1. Same here. Any PDF "embedded" as preview or attached. I chose "open" from the dialoge, Adobe Acrobat will start and will simply say "file not found". So any document I want to view in an external viewer or editor I have to download and view or download, view, change, upload. Evernote 10.12.5 and reinstall didn't help.
  2. Same here, 6.10.3 and many of my notes say "Drag files here or start typing". It's not web clippings. For me it's any type of notes randomly. I am referring to "old" notes. They still have a preview. What can we do? (Paying customer)
  3. Yes, Support got back to me, they said, that Evernote sometimes SAYS that it isn't indexed but in fact it really is, which can be prooved by doing a search. Support told me to send a PDF that doesn't get indexed to them to review. What criteria were you given?
  4. Same issue here. I am a premium member. I put on a support request 4 days ago and have no answer. I reinquired today.
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