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I just noticed that the Evernote (for Mac) user interface has been tweaked yet again.

Now, when I create a note, the text remains left-aligned by default...but it seems to include a left-hand margin that is so wide that, at first glance, it almost looks like my text is centre-aligned. Checking as of now, the right-hand margin is similarly abnormally wide.

Is there any way of reducing / re-aligning the margins, so that text / note content looks more normal? I do not need a 1-to-2 inch margin all around my note.

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If you searched before you posted, you would have spared us yet another thread about the same topic.

Go to app settings, Tab notes, scroll down and toggle the setting for fit to window vs. optimized readability .


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No problem, but it would help us all to look for issues first. Many are reported already.

In this case EN has switched the setting with the new update, probably because it was defined as starting point for the new UI. We all agree they should have asked.

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FWIW: I ran into the same issue and when searching for a solution, MattSM's post was the first useful thing that came up.  I would still be looking if it wasn't for MattSM's post and your answer PinkElephant.  I for one appreciate this post.

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Hmm-- this didn't work for me.  All my notes still had super wide margins. 

Until I quit and restarted EN after adjusting this setting, then it seemed better. 

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