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  1. This started happening to me too., maybe about six months ago. My iPad's a couple years old (Model MGTX2LL/A whatever that means) and pinch to zoom doesn't hold. Actually,it does, like every thirteenth time I try. So it's inconsistent. Can't figure out what I'm doing differently that one time it works. Anyone found a solution yet?
  2. + 1 Also fails when copying a bulleted list into a (apple) Mail document, which I do many times daily. To be fair, bulleted list copy-and-paste so often fails from ANY app to ANY other company's apps, not just EN. I just don't understand why there isn't a standard formula/code for how to handle bulleted lists that can work cross-applications. Huge time waster in my life.
  3. + 1 This is such a downer it's still only 5. How hard can this be to increase in the code? And please don't just increase it to 10---give us options up to 25 at least.
  4. EN 6.0.3 MacBookPro 2010 running Yosemite Typing is irritatingly slow. Most of my notes are to-do type list documents, which I know EN is sub-par at anyway. But even on ones that are just straight text, no to-do check boxes, typing is still about 500-1000 ms latency. It's as if it's waiting to send what I'm typing somewhere remote to be synced, or checked, before it shows up in the note. Anyone found a fix yet?
  5. Scott and JMichael, I AM actually using suggestion #2 now as a workaround, and it's...better. Thanks. But I concur with what lykoz said. Most other similar apps (dropbox, CloudON, MSWord & Excel with their Search bars, etc.) have a sidebar that can disappear or be minimized, so much so that I have wasted much time trying to find such a feature on EN, assuming it must exist.
  6. I, too, find this frustrating. What a waste of real estate. I don't really buy Scott Lougheed's reason above. Why do you need to "access your notes" when you're focused on the content your current note? And, often times, I'm copying text from another program and pasting it into EN, so it's nice to have that extra real estate to see the other program. FR: There should be a way, preferably accessible via quickkey, where you can hide that space hog of a list.
  7. Adding to the chorus of disappointed list makers who have chimed in here and elsewhere. Most of what I use EN for is lists. I really wish they could fix this BUG, I waste so much time trying to get formatted lists to behave (stop indenting! stop creating extra line spacing! just cut and paste this in the same format!). And yes, this is a bug in my opinion. I can understand it being buggy when pasting a bulleted list from another app (MS Word, e.g.), but not within EN.
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