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every scan produces 2 identical notes

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Ok it’s a Mac folder, but you get the message. Never save directly into an import folder (especially when you want it OCRed as well), don’t use the „Scan to Evernote“ options any more.

Which way are you scanning ? I use my ix500 with Scan Snap Home, but the ix1600 has more options.

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5 minutes ago, ThomH said:

why do not use the "Scan to Evernote"?

...Because the OP was presumably using that feature and had issues - we were suggesting options.  I prefer scan-to-folder because I can merge, edit, re-name and fix issues more easily there before using an import folder to add the files to Evernote.

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My scanner (Fujitsu ix500) relies on software installed on my Mac for the OCR. It's a natural for me to scan to the Mac, let the OCR happen, rename the file with a "good" filename and then save it directly into an Import folder. The file name becomes the notes title - setting it straight before avoids later rework.

The embedded OCR makes sure I can always export pdfs from EN, and still have full searchability.

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