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EN for Mac v10.71.2: "filter by tag" not working

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I use tags extensively on notes across multiple notebooks. Up until recently, I used "filter by tag" to help search related topics that might be spread throughout different notebooks. However this functionality isn't working for me at all anymore. 

Eg I go to add the tag "mailer" to a note - I can see that the tag has been used on 227 other notes:


If I then choose "filter by tag" I expect the results to list all 227 instances.


Instead, it returns two (2!!) results chosen seemingly entirely at random from my notebooks, although it knows there are 228 instances of the tag:



Am I doing something wrong? 

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3 minutes ago, wicksteedworks said:

Am I doing something wrong? 

I don't think so. Fortunately it still seems to be working for me. A few questions:

  • What happens if you try any of the other ways of filtering by the mailer tag?
    • Tags filter
    • Side bar
    • Main tags window
  • What happens on the web version?

I saw a report earlier today of incomplete listings of notebooks - this may or may not be related.

If the web version is ok then I suggest a database refresh. Sign out, choose not to retain data and then sign back in again,

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Can't reproduce this - the lists look complete when I use a filter.

It might be the search index is broken due to a corrupted local database. In this case a complete uninstall (using AppCleaner, not the Mac's own uninstaller) might solve the problem.

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Thanks for the responses! Tags working fine in web version; I signed out on desktop app, without retaining data. Logging back in, tags are filtering as expected. I probably haven't signed out / refreshed the database in years. Lesson learned.

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