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-40% New Year’s Offer

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I use Evernote Personal

My next annual bill of $129.99 is due 1 Sep 2024

I want to use this -40% New Year’s Offer for Evernote Personal

But my “Account Summary” keep saying $129.99 on 1 Sep 2024

How can I get the $52 discount?

Thanks, Duhtch


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I think the only way existing customers can get this is to hit cancel subscription, I just cancelled my account after 15 years as I've just migrated everything to Notion and on the many screens trying to persuade you not to cancel the last one does offer the discount

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10 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

AFAIK current subscribers don't qualify.

I'm logged on the Internet using my official Evernote account...

What would EN offer to current subscribers that don't qualify?


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Collecting the payment for the official amount ?

What about simply paying what is asked for, or cancel and leave for good if it is too much in relation to the value from the personal use case ?

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2 hours ago, Duhtch said:

What would EN offer to current subscribers that don't qualify?

They are trying to entice free users into a payment plan.  They are happy to keep current subscribers paying at the full rate.

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Hey folks. You guys are right. I was logged in my EN account. But the pop up advert was only intended for Free users. So it makes no sense for EN to send this discount offer to paying customers like me. "I'm still an EN guy" and will happily pay EN's lowest price. Much obliged for your help. Adios, Duhtch


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