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Tasks in certain folders/notes excluded in the "My tasks list"

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I am relatively new to Evernote and still figuring things around.

I'm wondering, is it possible to "hide" certain notes or folders from "My tasks"?

I love the idea of summarizing all open tasks from various notes, though, it would be fantastic not to see items from my grocery shopping list (and I'd still like to be able to tick the boxes off from my shopping list while running around different shops)

Many thanks in advance!

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19 hours ago, Florinali said:

I'm wondering, is it possible to "hide" certain notes or folders from "My tasks"?

The task search and filter options are pretty good as far as they go but do not allow you to exclude (hide) tasks from the list, only include them. You would therefore need to either put something in the task description of all tasks except shopping lists or put all tasks except shopping lists in the same notebook. 

In my opinion checklists or checkboxes are definitely more appropriate for shopping lists


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On the off chance that this helps, I have adopted a naming convention for my tasks that uses a prefix in all of my task names.  I have two primary piles of tasks: work and home.   I use the "W:" for any task that is work related, and H: for any task that is home related.  I then enter W: in the task search box to see only work-related tasks, or H: to see home related tasks.  In the example you give, I would prefix shopping list tasks with something like S: .    Once in a while I will add an additional category.  For example, once a year I need to go over my motorcycle, do all the routine service, safety checks, etc., which involves a pile of tasks: ordering stuff, servicing parts of the motorcycle, testing safety items, etc.  For the month or so that this is a focus, I create tasks with the prefix of MC: .  Then I can see all of those tasks in one place from the Home screen but, since I use H: and W: other tasks, the temporary motorcycle-related stuff doesn't clutter my other task lists.

You might want to share feedback with Evernote (in the Help menu) asking for the ability to >exclude< a notebook (as @MikeP mentions) in the filtering function that is part of tasks.   IMO, it would be a reasonable extension of the functionality that is already there.




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22 minutes ago, VincentC said:

I use the "W:" for any task that is work related, and H: for any task that is home related.

This is a very useful trick and I do the same with emojis


Still limited by the inability to exclude "tags" and to easily search for more than one. You can search for more than one if you are  very disciplined in the order of the tags: 🔵🔴 will find 🔵🔴 but not 🔴🔵 

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