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Evernote Free is Not Worth It and Demonstrates a Money Grab

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After moving to Evernote many years ago, it is time to go. I am going to spend my time till my next renewal to move the files somewhere else. The price increase was way to much and my wife who was using free suddenly cannot access to all here notes and notes that were under the previous limits.

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4 minutes ago, Dancestop said:

suddenly cannot access to all here notes and notes that were under the previous limits

You can still access all your notes and edit them and export them. Just can't add any more.

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And if you want to export your notes, as a reminder, you can only do this from a desktop app.  Since you are limited to only two devices, if you don't currently have a desktop app installed you need to get your device number down to one before you can install one.

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Just now, Dancestop said:

You miss the point after many years of free limits

They are changing the free limits because it is not sustainable for the business.  The new owners are trying to make Evernote viable for the long term.  It has been slowly dying on the vine.  I do think a family membership in addition to a lower-cost entry membership would be a good idea.

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1 hour ago, Dancestop said:

even when another family usernis a paid member.

In theory,  a paid user can share a notebook from their account - with it's 'subscriber' limits - to other members of the family.  A bit fiddly to set up, but it should work...

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