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What is a reasonable expectation for support response?

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I opened a ticket in late October about experiencing data loss from on Evernote on my iPad and only ever got the "we've restructured and are busy" response. The ticket was closed without notice.

Since Evernote has trimmed back the support options in the iOS product, it seems that they are dialing back their product/user support.

What is a reasonable expectation for a paying customer to receive support from Evernote? 

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Hi Bob! I posted a fatal error post, right before you. :) I also submitted a ticket and never heard back. The problem I am experiencing where it immediately crashes upon loading, makes Evernote literally useless for me.

I wanted to share, when I canceled my subscription  (NOT closing my account, but canceling the renewal of my sub) there appeared an option to book a call with a support member. I have no idea if they offer this to everyone, or just to long time subscribers (I'm since 2012) but it's worth a shot!

I just completed the support call this morning with Alessandro and he was lovely and said he would try and have a tech person actually get back to me. I wish you luck!!

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On 12/12/2023 at 12:05 PM, bob.os said:

What is a reasonable expectation for a paying customer to receive support from Evernote? 

Honestly, from everything we see here, no reasonable expectation is being met these days. At one point I think they were saying 14 days, ludicrous as that is; I don't know if even that is in play now.

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I was going to start a new post asking pretty much the same, but probably its not useful... sigh.  Any ways, here is what I was going to say...

"who can help me get a reasonable level of support from Evernote, for an issue reported 5 months ago, and for which I have gotten nothing more than template replies for so far?
Since a few months after Bending Spoons took over Evernote, their support page has said "We are currently restructuring the Evernote Customer Support department to ensure we can deliver a better service to you and all our customers. Some delay in response time is expected. We apologize for the inconvenience."
Similarly, their auto email response for support says the same for months.
I get that the move to Europe required a new support team, and that takes time, but its been about 9 months now, and these messages remains.
9 months is more than enough time to hire and train a support team, even in these resource strapped time. It can also be achieve even quicker by hiring a team from a specialized IT support team. Similarly, if developer support is limited, 9 months is plenty of time to hire new staff, and/or re-allocate resources in the meantime.
The trigger for this email is my technical support request, that was submitted over 5 months ago (although their support page says 4!) and remains un-answered. Some on this community said I should be patient, so I was. I did continue to supply updates that might help them figure out my problem. Alas, in all that time I have only what must be automated replies, since I have gotten identical ones several times.
I reached my limit when, after a period of waiting, I got the standard email that people get when they first report a problem, which says where to go to try to fix the problem yourself, and to contact them if its still a problem - as if I had not been regularly updating them, and it was a new request. I replied saying it was still a problem. Since then, I have heard nothing.
In the meant time the problem has spread to all my Windows PCs, and Tasks are no longer useful."
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