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Type hack: Mention Notes, Dates, People, Link to Documents and more with @

Rafael B


I propose the feature that allows, through a simple keyboard shortcut while typing, to efficiently add dates, links to documents, references to previous notes, excerpts from notes, web links, calendar events, people, Google Drive documents, and other resources in a manner similar to what is possible in Notion and Google Docs.


This simple feature, which may require many hours of development, significantly makes it more comfortable and convenient for users to interconnect data they already have to build new knowledge or instructions. Keys like "@" or "/", to initiate a mention process, sound natural to many people and would be easily adopted en masse by users.
It's a comfort feature, quite analogous to those packages for which we pay a fortune for cars here in Brazil—electric seats, electric mirrors, parking sensors, etc. At first, they may not seem to have a favorable cost-benefit, but when we have the car in our hands, the regret of not having acquired them immediately arises. It's a very Brazilian feeling, I admit.
So, what do you think?
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Good idea.  You may find it faster to create some of these yourself with keyboard shortcuts and small automation tools.  I have ⌥T insert the date (in my chosen format), and I have code ⌘⌥⇧+C to copy links in my file manager tool (matching the sequence used in Evernote to copy a note link in Evernote format).  Then ⌘K helps me build a link to the file resource.   All these are on Mac.  I also get the URI to Calendar entries, contact entries, Google URLs, etc., and then, using ⌘K, build a link to those resources.

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@agsteele,  I didn't miss an iPhone when I had my Nokia 7373 in mid-2007. I was 12 years old at the time, and I believed I was on top of technology in the world with my Java and SWF games. Good times. However, things change and technology develops, which made my Nokia a thing of the past.

As I now have an iPhone that even works with Evernote (wow!), I really miss this feature -- since it's not possible to activate keyboard shortcuts on iOS. As you can see, there is no such thing as just a Windows PC with a storage device plugged in.

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