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Link generator (creating a sharable url / "webpage version" to a note) not working in a stable way from Evernote Classic Destkop:

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When I click "Share" from Evernote (Desktop App) it does not create a link which works more than once. I have to go online via the Evernote Web version (which is slow) in order to create a shareable link. Is this a bug? It used to work before. Maybe 6 months ago this started to be a problem.


And yes. I know about the new version of Evernote Desktop (which I tried but discarded), which for me felt too slow in comparision to Evernote Classic.

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Hi.  Sorry that the new version isn't working for you,  but the older,  now unsupported version will stop working at some point and you will lose all access to your existing  notes.  Better to find out now how to live with it,  or find an alternative note-taking app. 

Part of your current issue may be that Evernote now uses a different coding system for notes and translates the new system back to a compatible format for Legacy users.  That translation may use a different temporary address each time it happens.

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" lose all access to your existing  notes."

It is logical that they  (the notes)will still be available via web or the newer versions of Evernote.
I did delete some of my frustrated comments here..... It was not constructive.... 😅!

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Trying to see solutions instead of problems and frustration
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Sorry for our attitude towards backwardness - we don’t care anymore why somebody wants to use outdated code.

If you think the new version is slow, it may well be that your database got corrupted. Which can be fixed, but only if somebody isn’t interested more in confirming his prejudices than solving a problem.

Since the data structure got finally modernized (and the fundamental problems with the old syncing method finally fixed), it is not foreseeable any more which twist data may take when the old client, or a mix of old and new is used.

You will need to find out yourself - I erased the last legacy install last year, and even if I would think about testing something myself, I couldn’t. It’s not worth the hassle any more.

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Well. Yes I have been frustrated. Furstration seldom leads to constructive results or feedback. So I will try to let go of those feelings and look for solutions. I appreciate your answer @PinkElephant! Is it possible to run Evernote from two macs one with the updated version and the other with the Classic version for a while? Could I try to fix my database on the mac with the updated version of Evernote? Would that potentiall be a problem for the Mac running Evernote Classic if the database was fixed?

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28 minutes ago, mangoguru said:

Is it possible to run Evernote from two macs one with the updated version and the other with the Classic version

Hi.  Possible,  yes - probably not advisable because Legacy notes are now in a different format than v10 notes.  Evernote is maintaining compatibility with a translation process between the two,  but you are always going to find it slow to open a note in one version that has recently been open in the other.  Switching from one to the other  other than on a session-by-session basis also might give rise to duplication and lost data because sync has to work with the conversion delay.  You could certainly try it out - carefully - and see whether your situation improves...

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2 hours ago, mangoguru said:

I wonder how to fix the database in reagard to more of what I asked above.

See my comments about the different note coding - I think translating the content back to Legacy code may be what's causing your URLs to change.  I'd suggest "sacrificing" one Mac to v10 and trying the shares from there.  It may not be necessary (or possible) to fix the database on the original device - it's just out of date.

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