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Evernote clipper and Microsoft Bing results

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@gazumped  How are you using Bing - eg how do you access it?

I am also using Windows, and have tried both Edge and Firefox, with the bing.com page, and with neither can I do multi-select of the specific answer - just the whole page, and even then, the one time I tried, I only got a link to the page, which did not include the results....  Both ´Article´ options show no preview of the results, so I do not know what will happen.

Yes, I can use the copy option, but that is a lot of extra work .... I use Evernote in part because of the ease of use of the wonderful clipper!

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6 minutes ago, Grant837 said:

with neither can I do multi-select of the specific answer

You didn't mention multi-select before...  Individual answers can be copied as below.  I'm using Thorium (browser) and am logged in via my Microsoft account.  I hate Edge.


NB - I was asking about book content and quotes yesterday and it got every question wrong.

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@gazumped thanks, but as I mentioned, since I have the clipper, I want to use the clipper - eg. the clippers multiselect feature.  I would rather not have to use the big copy function because I then sitll have to go to Evernote, create a new note, etc... which defeats the purpose of having the Clipper...

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Well...  a quick test with Clipper tells me that in my browser it's not possible to use the extension.  You could report all of the above to Support and they may look into it,  but any Clipper revisions will (I suspect) be several months in development and that's assuming Microsoft are minded to help folks copy their output.

I generally have Evernote in standby,  so 2 clicks on 'New' opens a new note and copy/paste from my browser adds  each answer to my note.  I could set up a template for answers and add them to a table so I can include comments later.

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