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Evernote email address - attachments not processed in order.




I use a Remarkable tablet for handwritten meeting notes etc. I email these to the Evernote email address, where they get automatically added to the correct notebook, then filterize comes along and changes the title to the Notebook name and create date. This works perfectly.

Except that the Evernote servers must process email attachments in parallel, adding them to the newly created note as each attachment is finished processing. The upshot of this is that when I email my Remarkable notes to Evernote, and the attachments are on the email as page1.png, page2.png, page3.png ... page100.png, they are added to the resulting note in a seemingly random order. 

I guess my clutching at straws question is: has anyone else experienced this and is there a way to force processing order?

I have opened a support ticket but have heard nothing back these last 10 days.



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Hi @stuming! Evernote support seems to be overwhelmed these days. Sadly 10 days is not an unusual wait just now.

There is no means of forcing the order that attachments are processed when you Email then in. Could you send your notes one at a time and in page order? You could add the subject line tag to add each one to the same note but they would arrive one after the other. I'm not sure how that might work with your current Filterize work flow. You would probably need to tweak something.

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Email is a rather old service, and one that treats each email as an independent entity. From sending to be received every mail will be transferred through several servers. They will even take different routes through the web, depending on traffic and server load.

That emails send in a certain sequence will be received in that order may happen, but is completely conincidental and random. There is not much that the receiving mail server can  do about it.

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