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Creating lists from notebooks no longer works in V10

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Because of the annoying red bars in my Evernote Legacy I had to switch to the current version, so I installed the new version on a test PC to find out whether it now works usably.

Now for a limitation that I noticed:
I have a notebook with a little over 200 entries from which I often have to make a list.
To do this, I mark all entries in Evernote Legacy with CTRL+A and then use the “Create note with table of contents” option. (see Screenshot!)
This function is no longer available in Evernote version 10!!
I also noticed that you can only mark 100 entries!
Do you have any ideas how I can create such lists in the new version?

2023-10-05 11_07_10-Window.jpg

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Very simple: Select the notes, choose internal link, app link. Copy the app links, open a note, insert the links.


If you have more than 100 notes, repeat until done.


Whats new in v10: Each note that appears in the TOC will have a backlink. This is inserted automatically, shortly after a link was posted in another note. 

It allows to jump from the linked note to the TOC note with a simple click. Backlink Symbol:


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14 hours ago, pbelcl said:

This function is no longer available in Evernote version 10!!

It's there:



There's also a manual configuration change that you can make to have the max number of selectable notes higher than 100: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/133879-time-to-remove-the-limit-of-max-50-notes-selected-yet/

Sounds like that doesn't work anymore...

Edited by Boot17
No config override anymore
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The workaround is possible, but it should be mentioned that each update has the risk of overwriting the JSON file. Then it needs to be applied again.

So I don’t use it any more, it only a „just in case“ action.

Because v10 syncs every note before taking on the next, it makes sense to take the client offline before changing 3-digits of notes in one operation. It will be faster that way, and the sync will happen after going online again.

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Don't be angry @pinkelephant , the solution to copy 3 x 100 notes to compensate for a missing function is too complicated for me for the frequency of once a week!

I just tried to expand the config.json to 350 by editing it, as described above.
Unfortunately it didn't work in Evernote V 10.62.5!

So I can't currently find a solution for a function that I use at least once every week and that works without any problems in the legacy version.
I understand the urgency of discontinuing the old version, but the new version should at least work as well, which unfortunately it doesn't at the moment!
And until then the legacy version should still be available...

If there is a sync problem with the local version, I would be happy to run this function once a week with the web version if there is a solution!

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It was a workaround, and it doesn't work any more (just tried).

You want something likely not requested by any relevant number of users (TOCs with several hundreds of entries are by themselves clumsy to handle).

Next best option: Contact support.

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23 hours ago, Blacky said:

@Dave Green Can you post more detailed information about Filterize here?

I have a similar problem as pelcl and would like to take a look at it if it works with evernote!

@Blacky I think this page covers  what you are looking for https://filterize.net/?s=Table+of+contents+

Filterize like all API services went through challenges with the advent of Real Time Editing from Evernote but it seems to be mostly working again. 

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