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Locks Up When Laptop Sleeps

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Anytime my laptop goes to sleep and I wake it up Evernote no longer works. I can get it to work again by opening task manager and killing all 8+ Evernote instances. I was hoping an update would fix this but unfortunately they haven't. Does anyone know a workaround, besides closing the app? If not, hopefully support will get this on their radar and fix it at some point.

FYI, I'm running the latest version of Windows 10 and Evernote 10.61.10

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3 hours ago, NicCrockett said:

hopefully support will get this on their radar

Only if you tell them about it - I run the same version (although I'm about to update to 10.62) and my Win 11 laptop sleeps just fine.  If you haven't powered your laptop off and back on in some time,  you may find a simple restart does the job;  if not I'd suggest signing out of Evernote,  removing your current installation with something like Revo Uninstaller Free (which reaches the parts other uninstallers do not) then re-downloading/ reinstalling 10.62 and signing back in.

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Just an update on the situation. Thanks for the suggestions. I've tried everything at this point and I'm now on version 10.63.3. Unfortunately, the issues have only gotten worse. I got into the habit of shutting Evernote down anytime my PC was going to be asleep. Now, it starts Evernote up sometime between shutting the lid of my laptop and logging in the next time I open it. I understand that doesn't make since. I'll make sure I end the task from here on.

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It isn't clear which OS you are using. I'm going to guess at Windows and ask if you fully uninstalled Evernote using the free Revo Uninstaller program?

A basic Windows uninstall often leaves fragments of programs behind.

If you tried that unsuccessfully then my apologies for stepping up. Otherwise, you might like to give that a try.

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Something else I forgot to mention since my initial post. When Evernote crashes there are 8+ tasks in the task manager using 100s of MBs of memory. During normal operation Evernote only has two tasks using about 20 MBs of memory. That's probably not going to lead to a solution, but thought I'd put it out there anyway.

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I usually have more than two operations running in Windows when Evernote is running. Sadly, I doubt that this is indicative of very much.

You definitely have something conflicting on your device. If you haven't done so, a support ticket is likely to be the way forward.


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