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I generally don't keep scratch pad material for any period of time, so I'm kind of guessing here. There have been a number of reports of duplicating scratch pads. Can you say more about the process you've followed? I would think that using the best version of the scratch pad to convert it to a note, then deleting everything from the pad(s), then copying the information from the note back into a scratch pad might work.

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1 hour ago, LeanderTexas said:

Tried to keep one version of three conflicting versions within the Scratch Pad.  Does not reduce it to one version.  Then I tried to delete the Scratch Pad widget and that didn't work either so now I have a useless Scratch Pad.  Am I doing something wrong?

I get the conflicting scratch pad quite frequently, but have always been able to select the one I want to keep and once I hit the keep button, it works.  If you can’t delete the widget, I would suggest a reinstall.

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