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I am feeling really ticked off. I have paid for Evernote but now am blocked from my account, with notices to upgrade. I cannot get help from Evernote to determine whether my payment failed (might have been on cc that got hacked and replaced - except I think I already dealt with that issue with regard to EN) or if it's something else.
Isn't it ironic that I have to demonstrate "I'm not a robot" in order to access this forum; but the only help I can get from Evernote is useless help from a robot!

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Hello @PinkElephant

I'm totally new to this forum so maybe I'm missing something. I see your reply - thank you.


But in your response, I only see a link to Evernote's help page for new requests.

I have already "been there, done that," which is precisely why I came to the discussion forum.


Is there any way to reach a HUMAN BEING at Evernote, somebody who can help clarify my actual personal account?? Who can tell me whether it is a payment issue or something else? Point being, I thought I already paid up for this year, and I'm not interested in being forced into a more expensive plan without even being consulted.

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  • Evernote Expert

The only way forward is to use the link @PinkElephant provided using the Account or Billing option or, since you say you've been there, to follow up that ticket via the slightly different link https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests Click on the ticket title and at the end of the 'conversation' you will find an option to follow up.

There is no phone contact. The ticket system does go to a human being but it may take a few days before you hear anything.

These forums are mostly users helping users so whilst we can sympathise, we have no ability to assist with account and billing issues which is why they are freely available to all users - paid or free.

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When using a link there will be an answer by reply mail, telling it was received. It may name some help articles. Check them, and if they don’t answer your question tap on „No, I need help“.

Then the next contact will be a person contacting you by email.

If you don’t receive the initial email, check your spam folder. If nothing is received, no ticket was filed, or it went to another mail address. EN will use the address connected to your account.

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