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Have I been hacked?

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I was editing some notes and kept noticing that certain lines of text were being highlighted, the highlights were in random colours like bright pink.

Also I kept seeing an avatar flashing up at the top... it appeared to be my own avatar. But it kept coming and going.

I've changed my password and revoked access to all apps.

It didn't look like there were any unknown devices when I revoked the apps... could it just be a bug or something?

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  • Evernote Expert

The flickering avatar is evidence that the Real Time Editing process is kicking in. It is, of course, possible that someone had hijacked your account and is watching you at work but it also possible that you had the note open in another app.

As well as changing your password you should enable 2 factor authentication.

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  • Administrator

This also happened to me a couple of times. I never prioritized it because it's "just" bad UX, it doesn't affect reliability at all—and because nobody had mentioned it yet.

Today it looks like people are suddenly mentioning this behavior, so we'll look into it. Can you please DM me the note URL where you saw this?

(The probability you've been hacked is quite low, but I do agree on the suggestion of changing your password to a random and complex one and setting up 2FA if you want to be extra safe!)

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