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I did NOT expect Evernote to bill me TWICE my normal subscription fee

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I just received a notification from my credit card company indicating that Evernote billed me twice my normal subscription fee this year. Going through my emails, I see ONE email from Evernote regarding this price change - it was sent less than 30 days in advance of being charged this surprising and exorbitant renewal fee. Unfortunately, this email was not slotted into my Important inbox and the only way I discovered this was via my credit card statement.  One email sent less than 30 days in advance of the subscription fee change is not consistent with the experience I have with other trusted vendors.  I should note that I have been a paying Evernote user for 13 years, hence my disappointment. As I find other services are ramping  up their offerings for no charge or for more reasonable fees, it may be time for a strategy to move on to greener pastures.

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29 minutes ago, vilmosz said:

Evernote billed me twice my normal subscription fee this year.

Hi.  Everyone had a substantial increase to deal with this year.  We're mainly other customers in the Forums,  so we feel your pain - but can't do anything about it.  If you're looking for an explanation or a refund,  you'd be better contacting Support.

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Actually I know no service that will send more than one price update email. If that one ended up in the „not so important mails“ folder (= Spam ? Read later ?), the others would have been directed that way either.

Support sounds like a logical next step. Or take it as it is, evaluate the value and alternatives, and decide about what to do. There is 1 year for that, which should be enough to maybe test drive some of the alternatives. IMHO always better than rushing things, into a next bad decision.

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Its such a lackadaisical tactic to raise your cost by 62% in one time.   I posted my response here as I too feel your frustration.

I am very very frustrated as a decade long user of evernote to be given less than 30 days notice that your price is increasing by 62%!!!!! I can't believe you are not even giving a long standing user a chance to prepare for departure, soften the blow with a loyalty price promo, or even given a price increase that is reasonable. I mean the progress to access AI and have suggestions from AI with ChatGPT 4 is cheaper for me to use onenote and a a 40 dollar a year subscription for ChatGPT 4 !

I am very disappointed and surprised at your business tactics thinking that a 62% price increase is even reasonable or ethical for that matter.

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17 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

There is 1 year for that, which should be enough to maybe test drive some of the alternatives.

Are you referring to a one-year trial? Or are you referring to one year at the doubled-subscription price? 

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The subscription price has been raised.

You have been notified about it in advance, it doesn't play a role you missed to read that one.

Now you have been billed. You can tell support it is all a big great misunderstanding, and try to get refunded, and exited from subscribing. I assume you are not just toying around with EN, in fact using it for something. In this case it may be a rushed procedure to jump out and into something else without properly checking it out.

Or you accept your subscription is now running for another year. You can use that year if you want to exit to find a suitable solution, test drive it, export your stuff, import it, arrange everything etc. You even have time for a loop or two, in case your first pick shows less util than expected.

Actually I don't care. You are an adult person, responsible for your own decisions. Take them.

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